Dianne Feinstein: Congress Would Have Heard Out Edward Snowden

Dianne Feinstein: Snowden Should've Told Congress

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) claimed Sunday that intelligence oversight officials in Congress would have met with Edward Snowden, had he reached out to them before leaking documents to the press on surveillance by the National Security Agency.

"He had an opportunity -- if what he was was a whistleblower -- to pick up the phone and call the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee and say, 'Look, I have some information you ought to see,'" Feinstein, a frequent defender of the NSA, said on "Face the Nation" Sunday.

"And we would certainly have seen him -- maybe both together, maybe separately -- but we would have seen him, and we would have looked at that information," Feinstein said. "That didn't happen, and now he's gone and done this enormous disservice to our country. And I think the answer is no clemency."

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