The Diaper-Changing Rap You Didn't Know You Needed

The Diaper-Changing Rap You Didn't Know You Needed

Becoming a diaper expert is a rite of passage for all new parents, and one first-time father decided to share his expertise with the world in the form of a diaper duty-themed hip hop song.

In his latest installment of "New Father Chronicles," funny dad La Guardia Cross uses baby toys and packs of diapers to accompany a rap about learning to change his 3-month-old daughter Amalah's diapers on his own. After recounting his embarrassing diaper fail from Amalah's first week at home, he explains his one-week journey to becoming a bonafide diaper fiend.

Cross told The Huffington Post, "After that day I began a personal baby changing bootcamp. My failure to success story inspired me to announce to the world that I finally knew how to expertly change a diaper."

Reveling in his success, the dad quoted the end captioning from his video: "If you can change a diaper, you can change the world."

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