Diaper Dash, Fort Wayne Baby Race, Awards $1,000 To Fastest Crawler

02/28/2012 04:20pm ET

It's called "Diaper Dash" and it is either the cutest thing ever, or an outrageous exploitation of infants for their parents' enrichment and amusement.

ABC7 in Indianapolis covered the annual baby race at the Fort Wayne Baby Fair and Family Expo this weekend, where participating babies crawled from one side of the room to the other to see who could get there the fastest -- usually with a parent on each side for encouragement. The winner took home a grand prize of $1000.

Totally awwww worthy, right? Not everyone thinks so. Babble's Meredith Carroll wrote, "I hate when adults laugh at their kids for the sake of money. It just rubs me the wrong way." And calling a baby to crawl in your direction, she said, reminds her of training a dog.

Still, Indianapolis parents are not the only ones racing their children. At the "Diaper Derby" in August, which is part of the annual Nautica New York City Triathalon, thirty infants competed for the title of crawling champion.