Eric Frein Manhunt: 'Diaper Sniper' Reportedly Phoned Parents (LIVE UPDATES)

The prime suspect in a deadly shooting that left one Pennsylvania state trooper dead and another seriously wounded, reportedly placed a call to his parents' house after authorities launched a massive manhunt for his capture.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Eric Frein turned on his cell phone six days after he allegedly ambushed Pennsylvania state troopers Alex Douglass and Bryon Dickson during a shift change outside the Blooming Grove barracks. Dickson was killed in the attack. Douglass, who was seriously wounded, remains hospitalized.

The Sept. 18 call, which lasted only seconds, was detected by authorities and helped them narrow the hunt for Frein to a specific area near Frein’s parents' home in Canadensis, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Frein's parents live 15 to 20 miles from the scene of the shootings. For the past 13 days, authorities -- federal, state and local law enforcement officers -- have combed the area, on foot and in heavily armored vehicles. Aerial searches have been equally aggressive, with the help of thermal imaging cameras.

During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said investigators remain convinced Frein is still in the heavily wooded area near his home.

Bivens said Frein, a 31-year-old marksman and self-taught survivalist, has been spotted in the woods several times. The suspect, Bivens added, has left a trail of empty cigarette packs and dirty diapers throughout the woods. The latter of the two has eared Frein the moniker "Diaper Sniper' and the creation of hashtag #DiaperSniper on Twitter.

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