Dick Cheney Heckled, Called 'War Criminal' At CPAC

Former Vice President Dick Cheney didn't get the warmest welcome at this year's CPAC conference, as at least one rambunctious member of the audience greeted him with heckles of "war criminal" and "murdering scum."

Making a surprise appearance at the conference to introduce former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld for a CPAC "Defender of the Constitution Award", Cheney told the audience to "sit down and shut up" after a crescendo of "USA, USA" chants, which were reportedly triggered by a "where's Bin Laden?" exclamation.

In the following moments of silence, screams of "war criminal," "murdering scum," and "draft dodger," were reportedly hurled at Cheney.

According to a tweet from Slate's Dave Weigel, another malcontent later yelled "show us the shekels, Dick!" before being promptly removed by security.

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