Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney Fundraiser: Media Prohibited From Photographing Cheney, Romney Together

Dick Cheney hosted two fundraisers for Mitt Romney on Thursday, but there are no photographs to show for it.

Cheney, who endorsed Romney, held a late-afternoon fundraiser at the Teton Pines Country Club and a more intimate dinner at his home near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. According to multiple reports, media was allowed into the country club event, but not permitted to photograph the two men together.

According to the Washington Post, when Romney and Cheney first greeted one another at the country club, "campaign aides quickly escorted reporters who were watching the exchange out of view."

The Los Angeles Times reported that "a pool of reporters was allowed into the country club event, but media photos of Cheney and Romney together were not permitted."

The Romney campaign generally doesn't allow photos or video at fundraisers, but will permit a small pool of print and wire reporters into those in public venues, reporters tell The Huffington Post's Michael Calderone. Since such events may not be able to accommodate all the reporters on the bus, the pool provides a report of what happened for others covering Romney. However, the campaign generally does not allow even print pool coverage of fundraisers in private homes, such as Cheney's. (The Romney campaign did not have any immediate comment on the ground rules for the Cheney fundraiser).

Press access has been a recurring problem on the campaign trails. Last month, reporters were kicked out of a Romney event at the Newseum. Press was also escorted out of a similar event that President Obama held there earlier this year.



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