Dick Cheney 'Needs To Testify' About BP Oil Spill, Says Chris Matthews (VIDEO)

Former Vice President and one-time Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney should be called to testify about the gulf oil spill, according to Chris Matthews.

Matthews argues that because Cheney held secret meetings with big oil to develop the Bush administration's energy policy, it's impossible to know who was responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Matthews elaborates:

You see, in the cozy world of oil and those charged by public oath with regulating it, these are leaks that can be prevented. Halliburton is now saying it`s not to blame for what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. How on Earth are we to know who was responsible for this in this incredibly incestuous little set up?

We have the vice president of our country, fresh from his job as CEO of the oil company, holding secret meetings with oil companies in the White House. From top to bottom, the government President Obama inherited was stocked with Halliburton people, supposedly looking at Halliburton, while the whole thing looks like they were looking out for Halliburton. Don`t you think?

Halliburton, Transocean, and BP are trying to blame one another for the spill. On Thursday, Transocean, the doomed rig's contractor, sought to cap its liability for the spill at $27 million. According to BP, its estimated cleanup costs are now $450 million.

WATCH: Matthews makes his case