Dick Cheney: Obama Doesn't Care About Anything Except Basing Government On European Socialism

Former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized President Barack Obama for his handling of recent privacy and foreign security issues on the Fox News Radio program "Kilmeade and Friends" Tuesday.

Cheney took issue with the Obama administration’s denial of the president’s knowledge of a string of recent security and privacy fiascos, including the 2013 IRS scandal, the seizure of Associated Press phone records revealed in May and the more recent revelation that the National Security Agency spied on 35 foreign leaders.

“I think it’s a strategy that his staff -- obviously with his approval -- uses. And any time something like this comes up that’s embarrassing, they always run out and say, ‘Well, the president didn’t know anything about it,’” Cheney said.

“One, I question that. And two, I think it’s a way for him to avoid taking responsibility. But it is a sorry, sorry performance, I think. Never had any accounting for … things like Benghazi or the IRS scandal and other abuses," Cheney said. "I think he’s just trying to avoid it. ”

Cheney associated Obama's evasion of responsibility with the president's ideological views on the role of government.

“I think a big part of the problem is his philosophy. That big government’s a good thing,” Cheney said. “That he basically wants to take this in the direction of European socialism, and that as long as he accomplishes that, he doesn’t care about anything else.”

Cheney also recently criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for avoiding responsibility after the 2012 attacks on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“She clearly wasn’t hands on, and now she doesn’t want to be hands on. And she's doing everything she can to avoid responsibility for what clearly fell into her bailiwick,” Cheney said.

Farah Mohamed contributed to this report.

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