Dick Cheney Will Kick Your Ass

By now, the recent [accidental] shooting of Harry Whittington is old news. Recently, he was officially discharged from the hospital. If you are like me, you were dying to hear what he would have to say about the incident.

Since Vice President Dick Cheney was so contrite and accepting of all the blame, I figured that Mr. Whittington would be forgiving. What I didn't count on was an apology from the shooting victim. I know some of the shot hit his head, but why would he feel he needs to apologize to his shooter for "the trouble this caused Cheney"? How about the trouble it caused you Harry?

Have you forgotten that you were SHOT IN THE FACE?

Clearly, Harry is afraid of Cheney. I suppose with all of the power and influence [and guns] that Cheney has access to, the safest tact is to apologize. After all, Cheney did complain that this has been "a long week" for him. I am sure that his handlers warned Mr. Whittington not to complicate Cheney's week any further.

Although it has not been confirmed by any reliable sources, rumors have it that Mr. Whittington has offered to walk Cheney's dog for the next month and give him a ride to an undisclosed location to help ease his recovery from having to answer questions about shooting a 78 year old friend.