Dick Grasso: I Might Run Against Eliot Spitzer (VIDEO)

In an interview with "Good Day New York"'s Rosanna Scotto this morning, former head of the New York Stock Exchange Dick Grasso voiced support for the idea of giving Eliot Spitzer a second chance as an elected official.

Grasso, a long-time political foe of Spitzer's while he served as Attorney General, told Scotto, "America is a country of redemption. America is a country of people fleeing from oppression from other parts of the world. If Eliot is elected, it is because the people say he deserves a second chance."

Wow, that's certainly a change of opinion for Grasso, who got down and dirty with Spitzer when the former Governor sued him for the return of over $100 million of his Wall Street pay package.

But wait, what's this? When asked by Scotto if he would ever vote for Spitzer, Grasso quickly retorted, "I might run against him."


Was he kidding? You tell us.