Dick Morris To Piers Morgan On Fox News Firing: 'I Was Wrong At The Top Of My Lungs' (VIDEO)

Dick Morris, recently fired by Fox News, appeared on Piers Morgan's CNN show Wednesday and admitted the obvious: "I was wrong."

It was indeed Morris' spectacular wrong-ness about the 2012 election (he said Mitt Romney would win in a landslide; Romney did not) that led to the end of his tenure as a Fox News pundit. But Morris, though he pronounced himself "a little battered and bleeding," appeared relatively sanguine about the matter, even as Morgan tried to bait him.

"I had a wonderful talk with Roger Ailes -- who I really respect -- a week ago," he said. "And he said in this business, you're up, you're down. Nothing is final or fatal."

"Why are you down now?" Morgan asked. "I was wrong, and I was wrong at the top of my lungs," Morris said.

"Fox has given me the opportunity of a lifetime," he added. "Fifteen years, 3,000 interviews. And at some point a great marriage has to come to an end."

"Is there any rational explanation for why you got it so wrong?" Morgan asked him.

"I absolutely believed it, and so did a lot of people," Morris said. "Rasmussen and Gallup both predicted a Romney victory. And Piers, CNN had a 47/47 tie race in its final poll 48 hours before the polls opened." He blamed Hurricane Sandy, as well as changing demographics, for President Obama's victory.



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