Dick Morris: "They Will Teach In Political Science Classes What Giuliani Did Wrong"

Dick Morris: "They Will Teach In Political Science Classes What Giuliani Did Wrong"

That's from Dick Morris on Fox's "Hannity & Colmes" last night, shortly after holding up his Hillary Clinton DVD that "the FEC won't let us run it in movie theaters." Fear not, though, he's selling it on his website! Buy it and show your friends! (No seriously he suggested that.) Well, at least when he commits to something, he really commits. (Insert cheap shot of choice about Clintons/wife here.) But, back to the point: he also doesn't mince words, and he had some more for Rudy Giuliani, whom he said has "absolutely self-destructed" and made a huge tactical error ignoring Iowa and New Hampshire in favor of full-throttle Florida. (He didn't mention the Christmas sweater, but it was implicit.) Poor Hannity, ever the Giuliani champion, protested that the poll numbers in Florida are "very competitive" for Rudy, but Morris dismissed that saying that nah, look for McCain to come in there and dominate. "I think the Republican party is reaching a huge consensus on McCain," said Morris breezily (my word he is cocksure, isn't he?). "I expect him to beat Romney tomorrow." Blustered Hannity: "Romney is up by 8 points in a poll that came out today!" Eh, said Morris, in an answer that was the verbal equivalent of a shrug. It's rare to see someone make Hannity bluster while simultaneously looking bored, but Morris managed it. I wish I weren't thinking about his toes right now.

In other news, he predicts that "Obama's going to get 80 or 90% of the black vote, and any black politician who sides with her does so at his peril." But then again, he also predicted a Hillary-Condi match-up. That would be the most impressive match-up of ruthlessly disciplined hair in the nation. Tiebreaker provided by Anna Wintour. And that is how we make this a media post.

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