Yes, There Is A Such Thing As 'Dick Pic' Etiquette

Let's say you open Snapchat, excited for what you're about to receive, then lo and behold -- a photo of a penis. Whether you're happy about this or not, HuffPost Live thought it necessary to discuss the etiquette of sending pics of your junk.

Ezra Sembler, a self-proclaimed serial dater, opened up to host Nancy Redd about his experience with sending and receiving private photos, including on the popular gay hook-up app Grindr.

"Usually people ask for it within the first five minutes of talking," Sembler said. "In my personal experience, I’d say about 10 percent of the dick pics I've received, I continue responding to.”

But dirty-pic senders beware. Sembler added that sending a picture can often cause more harm than good. He shared his own personal story.

"I've gotten a dick pic once where the head of the penis was diagonal, and I never talked to that person again," Sembler said. "He was a cute guy, but I just had this image, and whenever I would talk to him, [my mind] literally went to that."

Relationship expert Steve Santagati also joined the conversation to discuss why people don't always have the best judgement when it comes to sending a man-pic -- a lack of education, taste and class.

"It’s because it’s the state of the society," Santagati said. "People are cheesy and losers. There’s more MTVs out there than there are Discovery Channels."

Just remember, not all dick pics are created equal.

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