89 Thoughts That Run Through A Woman's Head When She Looks At Dick Pics

A woman hears her phone buzz. She looks down, and sees that she has a new text -- from a dude! She opens the message,and it's a grainy photo of said man's penis, better known as a "dick pic." So, what's her initial reaction? Comedian Janet Silverman is here to enlighten us.

Silverman had never received or seen a dick pic, so her friends put together an 89-picture slideshow of them, and Silverman filmed her reactions.

A sampling of her thoughts:

"I'm not a size queen or anything... but this one's very short."

"The first thing I thought right now was: gerbil."

"This reminds me of a scary movie."

If this doesn't serve as a PSA for not sending photos of your private parts, we're not sure what will.

(The video is totally SFW.)