Awesomely Geeky Dad Dicken Schrader Collaborates With Kids For Depeche Mode Cover (VIDEO)

All the ingredients for a classic embarrassing dad moment are there: a geeky father, a tight v-neck shirt, a videocamera in the basement, an old Yamaha keyboard and a record from 1983.

But somehow, Colombian video artist and kick-ass dad Dicken Schrader was able to avoid a common fatherhood pitfall in an awesome new music video covering Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts," the latest in a series of adorable videos from the dad-kid band "Dicken feat. Milah and Korben."

Milah and Korben are no stranger to Depeche Mode, either: they previously teamed up with their dad to cover "Strangelove" and "Shake the Disease."

Make sure to check out the group's YouTube page for new videos!