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Collars: The Best New Accessory

Collars have made a comeback in recent years thanks to Alexa Chung's nerd-chic style, and now the look is easier than ever to achieve thanks to dickies. A dickey is a false t-shirt--it's just the collar and front of the the shirt and is meant to be worn under a top or dress for a layered effect without the bulk. There have been a few incarnations of the dickey of late--the straight dickey, the "Skinny Shirt"--a stroke of genius where the collar is part of a slimming shirt that keeps you warm without adding extra volume, and of course, a sleeveless collared blouse will always do the trick. One of the great things about a cute collar is that it takes your look from sexy to demure in a hot second--stick it under your deep cut dress and you're ready for the office. It's also a pretty easy DIY project--grab an old button down, cut off the sleeves at the seam, measure six inches down from the top button and cut straight across. Tuck it under a sweater and voila, you've just made your very own dickey. Or just check out the seven collared looks we've rounded up here.