Did Demetrius Byrd's 'Gay' Justin Bieber Tweet Remark Get Him Cut?

The San Diego Chargers cut wide receiver Demetrius Byrd on Monday, less than a year after he was seriously injured in a Miami car accident. It turns out, however, that Byrd's recovery (or lack thereof) may not have been the only factor determining his release. Hours before he was let go, the former LSU Tiger tweeted, "Hey twitt fam is it gay to like justin bieber? Cuz I'm not gay but I'm feelin dat baby sng dat shit rockin right now on my cd also."

Justin Bieber is a 16-year-old singer. In follow-up tweets after his release, Byrd denied any connection. He first wrote, "TO ALL U PPL WHO THINK I GOT CUT CUZ OF THAT TWEET FUCK YALL I'M PISSED.....THANKS TO U NO DATS DUMB." He later added a longer message, saying that people "need to get a life" and thanking San Diego Chargers GM for drafting him in 2009:

Just read this thing about me b n cut cuz I tweeted sumthin bout likin Justin Bieber I dnt like fool like dat I dnt swing that way I was talkin bout dat new song wit ludacris. But ppl need to get a life lol that's why San Diego cut lol C'Mon Son ppl a trip now u ppl run and quote this from me thanks AJ 4 drafted me makin my dream come to tru in a comma last draft wow but dat tweet I just asked my followers wat they think ppl can't ask shit wow God Bless Haters

While it may seem ludicrous to think that the tweet caused his release, ProFootballTalk notes that the Chargers once "fined former cornerback Antonio Cromartie for complaining via Twitter regarding training camp cuisine." During the 2009 season, the Kansas City Chiefs released former star running back Larry Johnson after he posted a gay slur to Twitter. Johnson later ended up on the Bengals and more recently signed a contract with the Redskins. Scroll down to see some of Byrd's tweets.

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