Did Donald Trump Gawk At Naked Teens?

There have been reports from participants in a Teen Beauty Pageant that Donald Trump would walk into their dressing room while they were naked, in the midst of costume changes; he in fact has boasted about his ability to do this in Beauty Pageants'; this quote from Rolling Stone:

"Trump bragged about doing exactly what the women describe. 'I'll go backstage before a show, and everyone's getting dressed and ready and everything else,' he said."

Basically in a nutshell, this is a man saying that he has the right to gawk at naked teens since he "owns" that right.

We have laws against internet porn when it involves children. We actually send people to prison, for looking at photos of naked children, (and that includes teens since they are not 18 years old.) For looking at naked pictures of children and teens ON THEIR COMPUTER.

What is absolutely incredulous to me, is that we are not collectively, as a nation, standing up to not just the allegations of Donald Trump groping women; which is in and of itself appalling, but that he has in fact, bragged that he gawks, live, and in person, NAKED TEENS.

How is this not child pornography? How is this not grounds for each and every man and woman in the country, finally, finally, finally, realizing that this is a pathological narcissist who only sees things from his perspective; who blames everyone else for exactly what his behavior and feelings and motivations are, (actually called projective identification, a primitive defense mechanism used by people with a Borderline Personality Disorder, and as well with pathological Narcissistic Personality Disorder.).

But that's all clinical speak and who cares about that?

When is each and every man and woman in the Republican party, including the "alt-right" going to care about children and stop excusing this man who excuses all of his behavior, including his right to indulge in live child pornography?! I want every single one of you undecided and/or Trump supporters to picture this: Your 15-year-old daughter is so excited and you are so proud; she is a contestant in a beauty pageant. Mr. Trump walks right in to gawk at her naked body, because he "owns" it. Picture it. Your kid. Your baby.

This is what you are condoning if you don't stop this vile child pornographer. Yes, I am calling him what he is.