Did Kellyanne Conway 'Confirm' That Trump Staged Fake Assassination Attempt?

Brave Donald Trump. After a fake assassination scare, Trump mounts the podium saying he will never shrink from the challenge. Does the film," Manchurian Candidate", come to mind (although the plot was foiled in the film, the idea was that the extreme right-wing candidate, would stand on the podium, strong).

Does anyone really think that there was an assassination attempt? That Trump didn't stage manage it?

After all, Trump is a showman. He is the biggest liar and faker American politics has ever seen. He is so brave he had Daddy buy Donny's way out of serving in Vietnam. Bone spurs in his heel? GMAFB. Bone spurs never disappear without surgery. And, Trump "cannot recall" which foot it is!!

Trump's sociopathic personality requires that he feel brave, strong, courageous. He has long ago developed techniques to enable him to feel good about himself, even when something is staged. The real world never provides him that chance, because he is a more cowardly than anyone.

If one understands right-wing communication techniques, one knows that Trump's campaign manager confirmed the plot on Sunday morning. The right-wing says or does horrendous things, and then immediately accuses the other side of doing what it has just said or done. That way, the statement or action remains in the news with the opponent is on the defensive. Democrats fall for this all the time.

Kellyanne Conway said that the man, a registered Republican, was a democratic "plant". That is proof positive that the entire episode was faked.