Did Love Trump Hate? Yes She Did!

It is devastating. And I'm looking for the bright lights.

So many thoughts running through my head I'm reluctant to say anything. But I keep coming back to one thought and that's the slogan "Love Trumps Hate."

I never liked this wording because it included Trump's name. But I loved the idea of "love" prevailing and leading a campaign with that heart sentiment. Other versions read "Love Conquers Hate". But that didn't sit well either because of the "conquest" aspect of it. I prefer "Love Heals Hate".

At this point, under the circumstances, and for some levity, we clearly have to expedite the legalization of weed. How else will we get through this? But I do see all sorts of magic in the making and tremendous change awakening that is quite hopeful.

But what just happened?

An epic battle unfolded revealing the deepest compassion and the most divisive fear. And who rose up? Everyone. The contest between Bernie and Hillary was epic. The showdown on the right was a high roller. And the final contest was crystal clear.

But what was it about? I wanted to write earlier that I was witnessing a showdown between good and evil. But that construct is so loaded, I wrote something but never shared it. But that dilemma, that question, of good or bad, right or wrong, and the associated self-righteousness that leads to anger, that, to me, is the deepest unfolding. We are fully engaged in this choice.

On that front I see tremendous hope. An awakening of spirit among the people unshackled by the teachings of the past. Past teachings that were clearly on the ballot. Teachings of other and color, of the power of anger. To which the majority, the mothers, the youth, and the diverse, replied, no, we are stronger together.

So, for my broken heart, I say the fact that a woman ran for president on the message of love and compassion is the victory. We, with this message, have arrived, albeit with much work ahead. And this decision has arrived from within. Blossoming inside each of us, as our minds connect in higher purpose. We are compassion. And love is our choice.

Right now and forever Hillary Clinton deserves all of our love and gratitude. She has represented and testified. She has walked through the fire with grace. She has rallied the stars because of who she is - our better angel.

And this core struggle continues in each of us. As humanity rises up to reclaim our world from its power-brokers, we have that same choice in our every thought and deed. We must engage, because greed still outweighs goodness in life and politics. And it's time for the people to lead our leaders, not just elect them. But we must lead with love in our hearts.

Had we won, victory might have bred complacency. But this shock is a call to action and movements must rise up. Yet to even hold ground, we must follow Hillary's example, building bridges among the like-minded, becoming stronger together. Shifting our internal strategies to coalition politics is critical if we hope to affect the situation in a Republican-run nation.

From a strategic perspective, the public interest now has a common opponent in Donald Trump which is a powerful motivator, as we already see in the streets. He is the corporate-mentality personified, male-domination manifest. But he's merely a representation of these things, not the cause, but a symptom.

And it is no more his fault, than any other child who has been taught a way of life, such as we all now live and can only heal together. Our intention must be to heal Trump, not conquer him.

Humanity's story of economic conquest and cultural genocide, of selfish survival, must change inside us all. Yet as Standing Rock reveals, we have yet to reconcile for our past or fix the underlying root oppressions. We are just now feeling in earnest an alliance with indigenous peoples. We are just now relearning our connection with nature. And we are still too angry at other people, our ancestors, neighbors and nations, for what humanity does as a whole.

Thankfully this awareness is also a blessing from a profound spirituality erupting from within and around the planet. Our souls are now mutually aware, now that injustice anywhere has become injustice felt and seen everywhere. From Occupy to Palestine the cry is the same. Freedom. While miraculously, movements here and abroad espouse a mantra of non-violence. Protesting with peace, the people are choosing love.

So now we mourn. We mourn because we care. Others would have been mourning because they cared. This is the human condition we are healing. We, the people, have made war on each other misled by many. And we the majority must stick together as we heal all we can with love.

Love has voted. That's the win. Thank you, Hillary. Thank you, Grandmother. All my love to you.