Diddy Trades Birthday Cake For Apple Pie, Like A Boss

Party with pie. 🙌

Most birthday parties include a finale of funfetti -- but that doesn't suffice if you're Diddy.

Instead of cake, the rapper/mogul enjoyed a massive 30-inch apple pie to cap off his birthday party this week. That's a LOT of dough.

"Most people don't know that on my birthday, I don't eat cake," he wrote on Instagram. "I eat apple pie."

With a real lattice topping and lots of apples inside, the giant creation took two people to carry into the party. Los Angeles chef Matthew Antoun posted a photo of the larger-than-life prep process, which somehow seemingly went off without a hitch:

As may be expected, Diddy hashtagged his pie photo to promote his new apple-flavored vodka. But we're nevertheless inspired to make our own autumn dessert:

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