Diddy Reveals He Was Once Engaged 'For 4 Hours'

"I kept it a secret forever — until now.”

If you ever need to grill Sean “Diddy” Combs for information, just put him on Ellen DeGeneres’ couch: He’ll open right up.

Diddy appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday with “The Four” cast, and revealed that he had once been secretly engaged. The hip-hop mogul initially tried to play it cool during a game of “Never Have I Ever,” but soon cracked under pressure.

“I ain’t gonna lie, it was like for four hours,” Diddy told DeGeneres after she asked her guests whether they’d ever been engaged and kept it a secret. “It was for four hours, I honestly did.”

“You kept it a secret for four hours, or you were engaged for four hours?” DeGeneres asked.

“I was engaged for four hours,” Diddy replied. “And I kept it a secret forever — until now.”

Diddy’s engagement may have been six times shorter than the lifespan of a mayfly, but his love life is looking up. The father of six has been dating singer Cassie on and off for several years, and he told People in June that he was “in love.” 

For more juicy scoops on Diddy’s personal life, you might just have to wait for his next “Ellen” appearance.

H/T People