Diddy Just Wildly Entered The Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez Relationship Discourse

In an instantly iconic move, Sean Love Combs posted a Throwback Thursday pic of himself and ex-girlfriend Lopez.

Ex-boyfriends are inherently embarrassing, but there are those who post earnest memes about heartbreak after you split up, and then there’s Diddy.

Sean Love Combs, aka Diddy, appears to have woken up Thursday morning and chosen absolute chaos as his course of action. Amid ongoing rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ― who spent the early aughts racking up paparazzi photos in a whirlwind romance that ended with a called-off engagement ― are back together, Combs wants people to remember that he, too, once dated Lopez.

Pop-culture obsessives will recall that for a time between 1999 and 2001, Combs and Lopez were an on-again-off-again item. It seems Combs has been ruminating on that period, because he shared a snapshot of himself and Lopez from that era with the caption “#tbt.”

Now, while the comments are mostly very supportive ― with one person even urging Combs to “go get your girl” ― we have just one question here: Why?

Actually, we truly do not need to know why. Keep up the mess, Diddy. Your move, Ben.

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