Diddy Cropped Kendall And Kylie Out Of A Photo And The Internet Responded Perfectly


Two members of the Kardashian clan faced a harsh crop treatment.

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner posted a star-studded photo from the Met Gala to her Instagram page.

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The photo features Kylie, her sister Kendall, Diddy, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Travis Scott and Jaden Smith.

Diddy shared it on his Instagram page as well — just with one tweak. He totally cropped Kendall and Kylie out of the photo and captioned it #teamlove #blackexcellence.

#teamlove #blackexcellence

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It didn’t take long for people on Twitter to spot Diddy’s slick photo edit:

Soon after the shade was discovered, the hashtag #DiddyCrop and a meme was born:

Kylie, Kendall, Diddy will not be missing you.

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