Turns Out 'Home Alone' And 'Die Hard' Tell Same Story

"Home Alone" and "Die Hard" are both modern-day holiday classics that we love watching this time of year, but the two films share something even greater than a Christmastime setting: a storyline.

Let's start with a skeletal version of the two plots: an emotionally vulnerable male lead finds himself clashing with his closest family members. Alienated from the group, he becomes separated at a pivotal moment in the story, just as a pack of criminals descends on his location. With his personal security threatened and the police failing to respond appropriately, he is forced to take matters into his own hands to fend off the intruders. The protagonist has to invent clever traps, attack plans, and hideouts to outsmart the enemy and save what is most precious.

If you still aren't convinced, let's take a walk through some finer details:

The lead criminal has a convincing disguise and a scarily memorable smile.

tv show gifs
The scared/shocked face is incredibly prevalent.
Our stars are armed and prepared to fight.

Sometimes our hero feels like he may have failed.

So, the correct positioning is a necessity.

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There is an epic moment when the villian falls.

tv show gifs

tv show gifs

The eventual family reunion is emotional.

tv show gifs

tv show gifs

Looks like 'tis the season for a re-watch ...



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