Diego Luna Found His Son Spilling 'Rogue One' Secrets To Impress Girls

The 8-year-old clearly takes after his dad's rebel "Star Wars" character.

Diego Luna’s son might want to be a little more secretive if he wants to be like his dad’s spy character in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

In an interview with Yahoo, the actor explained that his kids were spending the summer with him while he filmed “Rogue One,” and they picked up a few “Star Wars” spoilers from their dad. Luna later found his 8-year-old son spilling those secrets to a group of teen girls on a family beach trip.

“I start swimming and I just listen [to him saying], ‘Oh no, this film has no Jedis, just rebels,’” he said. “And I go, ‘Oh my god.’”

Looks like Luna has a little rebel of his own.

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