Diego Luna Shares the Heartbreaking Reason He's So Close to His Dad


Remezcla talked to Diego Luna about directing Mr. Pig during the Sundance Film Festival. They tagged along to his premiere screening and took him on a ski lift ride the next morning. He shared his fears about filmmaking, the joy that sharing his art with an audience brings, and why he thinks his daddy issues make it into all his movies.

Featuring a road trip to a lush Puerto Vallarta beach and starring Maya Rudolph, Danny Glover, and an enormous hog, Mr. Pig is a touching portrait of a regretful father reconnecting with his daughter.

During a particularly intimate post-screening Q&A, Luna revealed to a Sundance audience the heartbreaking reason why he's so close with his father. "My mother died when I was two years old; that's why I have so many daddy issues. And that's why my relationship with my dad is so strong."

Read more here and watch the video below to follow Diego Luna's emotional journey to the world premiere of his fourth feature film as a director.

Mr. Pig's Mexican premiere is Saturday, March 5 at the Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG).