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Diet And Climate: A VERY Short Q&A

09/05/2017 09:51am ET | Updated September 5, 2017

What really matters about diet and climate, both as independent priorities and at their vital intersection, is not the wild conspiracy theories and whiplash-inducing headlines that bedevil both topics routinely- but what we choose to do daily about each. Climate and diet responses, independent and overlapping, are actionable by each of us, every day.

To inform such action, then, I propose the application of this very brief (two questions, to be exact) Q&A:

Q1) If, despite the application of genuine, hard-earned expertise; volumes of relevant evidence; and substantial if not overwhelming global consensus among actual experts in both cases - we still manage to be UNsure that the prevailing views are “right” about either diet and health, or global warming and our implication in it- then how can we possibly be sure- based on relative lack of expertise, evidence, and consensus- that they are wrong?

A1) Well, there’s this.

Q2) Given the possibility of error (for all of us except these folks) in either direction about climate and/or diet, which way would you rather be wrong?

A2) Your call.


P.S. – for those interested, here’s a deep dive into why the most recent round of “everything we thought we knew about nutrition is wrong” is pure nonsense; and here’s a perspective on why we keep going around and around that same circle, getting nowhere.

Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center; Griffin Hospital

Immediate Past-President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Senior Medical Advisor,