Can brownies made with Diet Coke taste good?

The diet craze has sparked some strange phenomenons, like eating cabbage soup for two weeks straight or chowing down half a grapefruit before every meal. We're getting used to seeing people count their calories or curb their carb intake -- though, as food lovers, we don't like it one bit.

Sometimes though, we see something so alarming on the food scene that it stops us dead cold -- and as food editors we're pretty desensitized since we see a lot of bizarre food choices. But when we saw brownies made with nothing more than Diet Coke and low-fat brownie mix on the food blog Eat Yourself Skinny we were shocked. Oh horrors of horrors, we thought, why would anyone do that to a brownie? So naturally, we baked them up.

Photo by Eat Yourself Skinny

The end result was surprising, to say the least. Here's what our editors thought:

  • "I like these. I can tell that these aren't 'normal' brownies because they have a lighter and fluffier texture, yet still retain a pretty good chocolate taste. Do I like these more than 'normal' brownies? Well, no. I miss the fudgy density that I think are one of the strongest points of brownie mixes. But if I was craving a brownie and avoiding oil/eggs, then this is totally a worthy substitute."

  • "Ok these are definitely not brownies, but if you presented them to me as 'sticky chocolate cake' I would think it was delicious. They don't have the density of brownies, but rather a sticky, sponge cake-like quality. My biggest fear was that it'd taste like diet soda, but thankfully the artificial sweetener was undetectable."
  • "They sort of look like brownies and taste like brownies, but the texture is very sticky and sponge-like. The taste is ok, sort of like a mass-produced brownie, but if you didn't tell me I wouldn't know they were made with Coke."
  • "This would satisfy that afternoon need for a sweet fix."
  • The take away for us was that these brownies were definitely not bad. They tasted like chocolate, and not at all like Diet Coke. And while they didn't have a brownie consistency, they we're a fine substitute for the real thing. So if you're someone who wants to watch what you eat, you might not be sorry to give these a try.

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