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Diet Coke Commercial Features New Male Model, Andrew Cooper, For 30th Anniversary Ad (VIDEO)

Who's Andrew Cooper, you may ask? Cooper, a male model, is the hunky star of Diet Coke's newest TV commercial. In honor of the drink's 30th (!) anniversary, Diet Coke released a new version of its classic eye candy ads -- you know, the ones where a hot male model cracks open a Diet Coke as female onlookers ogle him shamelessly and "I Just Want to Make Love to You" plays in the background.

The most memorable of these ads was 1994's "Diet Coke Break" commercial, where several women watch from an office window as male model Lucky Vanous sucks down some diet pop. This time, Andrew Cooper plays the hunk with the soda. He's a landscaper, he's mowing the lawn on a hot day and he's got Diet Coke dripping down his shirt. Swoon.

Cooper may have modeled for Giorgio Armani, DKNY and Louis Vuitton in the past, but this is most definitely his best work yet.

Happy Monday, ladies!


A history of Diet Coke hunks:

Diet Coke Ads

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