Pepsi Is Adding Aspartame Back Into Its Diet Drinks

Read closely before you sip.

Last summer, PepsiCo announced it would remove the controversial chemical aspartame from its Diet Pepsi soft drink.

Now, one year later, it's bringing the ingredient back.

Starting in September, Diet Pepsi will come in two versions: one with aspartame, housed in light blue packaging with a label touting Diet Pepsi's "classic sweetener blend." The other will contain sucralose, an artificial sweetener better known as Splenda, and will be sold in Diet Pepsi's now-familiar silver packaging.

In yet another change, Pepsi Max will be called Pepsi Zero Sugar, a drink that has always had aspartame as an ingredient. What does it all mean?!

There isn't any solid scientific evidence that artificial sweeteners cause health problems like cancer, but aspartame hasn't been able to shed its bad reputation among nervous consumers. PepsiCo removed aspartame last year in hopes of boosting sales, but alas, many fans didn't like the taste of the new formulation and demanded it back.

Now they'll have a choice, though the best choice, of course, is no soda at all. Cheers to a glass of cold, additive-free water!

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