Dietary Supplements For Summertime Efficiency

Dietary Supplements For Summertime Efficiency

Memorial Day weekend means that summer weather is upon us. Unlike the winter months where our bodies seem to crave hibernation, the summertime is all about doing, whether you’re working on a new project at work or trying to enjoy a meticulously-planned vacation to its fullest. Although a healthy diet and lifestyle are the best guarantee that your body and mind will be in tip top shape, dietary supplements may be able give you a little something extra.

Some of the most commonly used dietary supplements include vitamin D, iron and calcium. When choosing the best supplements for your body, Mayo Clinic recommends checking the labels of any supplement carefully, examining your own diet beforehand and picking out where your dietary deficiencies lie.

According to nutritionist Oz Garcia, “supplements in the ways that I use them, tend to manage … what I call efficiency.” While you’re enjoying a long weekend and planning your schedule for the upcoming months, watch Garcia’s round-up of the best dietary supplements, meant to help everything from your memory to your immune system.


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