Jimmy Kimmel Proves People Can't Tell The Difference Between Cold-Pressed Juice And Tang

Jimmy Kimmel has already taken down the gluten-free and GMO trends, but now things are starting to get, well, juicy.

For those who haven't heard, a cold-pressed juice trend is sweeping the nation. These high-priced beverages are supposed to be a health phenomenon, but Kimmel isn't buying it. In order to prove that people are blowing the trend out of proportion, Kimmel's crew set up a fake juice stand at a Farmer's Market and convinced people to try "organic" concoctions that were really made out of Fun Dip, Tang and Creamsicles. The results were hilarious.

Is the trend legit? It's hard to say, but you can be sure drinking crushed up Skittles never sounded so healthy.

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