Different Points of View on Nicki Minaj's Trini Representation.

So, apparently I touched a nerve with the Nicki Minaj article, and many Trinis did not agree with my sentiments. For the sake of fairness, here are some other points of views. Although they gave me food for thought, I still feel the way I felt about this topic, and to be clear, it's not the fact that she does not represent Trinidad because I clearly stated in the previous article that she tells the marish and the parish that she is Trini, but rather my issue is with the authenticity of the representation.

Since said article was published, I have learned that Ms. Maraj is developing a sitcom about her life. As awesome as I think this is, and it is most definitely great news, I am even more excited about the opportunity for her to employ a wide range of Caribbean talent, including but not limited to Trinidadian writers to help with her script, Trini actors and to give a well rounded portrayal of our cultural life.

To those of you who found it necessary to call me names, please know from the very core of my being all ah allyuh could hol' allyuh mother's so and so. To all the rest, have a good day and good night, my good people.

Sorry for the strange angle of this video.








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