'Difficult People' Trailer Previews Billy Eichner And Julie Klausner's Disruptive Antics

Not to be outdone by Amazon, Netflix and other streaming platforms, Hulu is revving up its original programming this year, with "Difficult People" next in line to soak up the online splendor. The Amy Poehler-produced comedy stars Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner as best friends who live in New York and frequently land in hot water as a result of their ostentatious behavior. The Huffington Post has the show's exclusive first trailer, which finds the pair's theatrics enlivening an otherwise drab event. (In other words, don't do what they do.)

Originally in development at the USA Network, "Difficult People" will premiere two episodes on Hulu on Aug. 5, with the rest arriving in individual installments each Wednesday. The first season totals eight episodes, so spend this time practicing your cringe face.



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