Digital Airwaves Signal Growing PR Trend: 100+ Rising Popular Podcasts Accepting New Guests

Digital Airwaves Signal Growing PR Trend
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Sitting down with Celebrity Chef and Today show guest host Ryan Scott on his popular Live iHeartRadio show, Cooking with Ryan

Podcasting. It’s a popular and growing trend in PR with many influencers positioning the digital airwaves as the wave of the future. Sitting squarely at the intersection of paid, owned, earned and social media, a podcast can provide a perfect opportunity for scaling business development for those who understand how. Unlike earned media, or editorial news coverage, podcasting can look and feel like news coverage, but in reality the conversations are much more aligned with the future of advertising, explained in this recent post exploring the business end of this growing trend.

Many digital radio networks repurpose their shows into podcasts and loyal listeners tune in on demand, to the tune of hundreds, thousands, and sometimes, millions of followers -- eager to stay up to date with each episode. Less formal and often more fun, podcast interviews give guest experts a chance to weigh in on a subject with far more than a 10-second soundbite. The long form conversations can lend to excellent opportunities for business development, sponsorship and value-added content both for the show host, network and listening audience.

As an award-winning publicist who has driven billions of impressions to media mentions of campaigns I’ve created, interviews are always an integral part of any publicity campaign for my Agency or clients. And let’s face it, when you have a message to share, 10 minutes is way better than 10 seconds. Sitting down with Celebrity Chef and Today show guest host Ryan Scott on his popular Live iHeartRadio show, Cooking with Ryan, and many other popular shows helped to promote the free “5 Days to Media Mentions” business PR course my agency is hosting. From style to success, recovering weapons in Afghanistan, and even how busy business owners can become their own publicist - we covered it all and most importantly, had fun!

Because so many radio shows are converted to on-demand audio podcasts, listeners can tune in at their convenience and listen on the train, in the car -- an audience that is increasingly accustomed to turning to their digital devices, from smartphones to PCs and laptops to home helpers like Amazon's Echo, Siri and Alexa, to both entertain and inform.

Jane Wilkens Michael is a popular beauty, health and lifestyle columnist, author of the new book, Long Live You. Your Step by Step Plan to Look and Feel Better Than Before. Michael hosts the popular Jane Wilkens Michael Show, Better Than Before, that airs on iHeartRadio Talk, as well as several other digital networks and says she’s “thrilled to be a part of this breakout form of media."

To emphasize its newfound power in the media industry, Michael notes, "my show has attracted the same caliber of stellar guests you would expect to see on network talk shows. Aside from noted experts in beauty, health and wellness, stars such as Dr. Phil, Nate Berkus, Derek Hough, Suzanne Somers, Tim McGraw, Mallika Chopra, Maria Rodale and Patrick Kennedy, to name a very few, all share their tips and tools on how to live a longer, healthier, happier, more beautiful life."

Ready to play in the podcast playground and share your expertise while you attempt to scale your business with publicity? You’ll want to read on for this list of hot popular podcasts looking for new guests. They range the gamut—from real estate investing advice to travel to PR and marketing, small and large. Before you make your pitch, make sure you learn how to perfect it in our free “5 Days to Media Mentions” business PR course.

Editor’s Note: The submissions below were provided by each podcast producer or host represented—be sure to do your homework and happy pitching!

The Mary Simms Public Relations Agency

The Future of Work podcast is a weekly show where Jacob Morgan has in-depth discussions with senior executives and business leaders around the world on the future of work. Discussions include: why is the world of work changing? How is work changing? What do you and your organization need to do about it?

Show Notes: Each episode of the podcasts explores a new topic and features a special guest from the business world. Guest have included: Daniel Franklin, the executive editor of The Economist, Sylvia Metayer, the CEO of Worldwide Services at Sodexo, and Acadian Asset Managers Churchill Franklin and John Chisholm, and many others.

Audience Size: 30,000 - 40,000 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: C-Suite, Human Resource managers, Executive Coaches.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range of executives, leaders, and authors willing to discuss their business practices and the future of work.

Beyond the Business Suit, hosted by Kailei Carr, is a podcast for ambitious women and uncovers the “secret weapons of successful women.” Created in an effort to shed light on many of the things that can help or hinder women during their career journey, Beyond the Business Suit aims to equip women with the tools they need to reach their highest potential.

Show Notes: Each episode either features interviews with corporate executives, women entrepreneurs, industry experts or authors and features quick leadership tips from Kailei Carr on leadership image, leadership presence, personal branding and more.

Audience Size: 3,000-6,000 listeners/month.

Audience Profile: Ambitious professional and executive women.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for corporate executives, successful female entrepreneurs, career/HR experts, career/business book authors and executive coaches.

Ditch the “dollars for hours” mindset, leave your corporate job, screw the morning commute and escape the 9 to 5 grind. Calling out to people who don't want to live on autopilot, who won't want to settle, live in an “average” house, or work at a “good enough” job. We have been told this story millions of times, because that is most “responsible” way to live. Spend 20 minutes every day with a successful entrepreneur. In this podcast, successful entrepreneurs share their stories and ideas on business success. We also deconstruct the reasons behind their success, habits and rituals. Gather around the table as we get knee deep in unveiling new and powerful ways to get your online business started and grow it to the next level.

Show Notes: Each episode is an interview with a successful entrepreneur explaining how they escaped 9 to 5 and built a thriving business. They share their personal journeys, firsthand experience quitting a job, first few days of starting business, and the routines, rituals and habits that made them successful. Once every two weeks we also talk about the challenges facing an escape from the 9 to 5—either mindset or execution related information.

Audience Size: 12,000 on average per month.

Audience Profile: Wantrepreneurs, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, side hustlers and people looking to increase their income.

Guest Profile: Currently seeking entrepreneurs who escaped 9 to 5 and were able to build a viable, successful business.

How do you grow a company? A movement? An idea? Each week, we sit down with someone who has achieved remarkable growth (or has tried to) and unpack just how they did it.

Show Notes: Informal conversation with our hosts, HubSpot CMO Kipp Bodnar and VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson.

Audience Profile: Business leaders, C-suite and VP level leadership, founders, entrepreneurs, and aspirational leaders.

Audience Size: 70,000 plus listeners each month.

Guest Profile: We’re looking for a wide range of guests who have some

experience in growing a company, movement, etc. If your company does something differently, then we want to hear about it.

ShareWorthy brings you unique perspectives from the Content and Influencer Marketing Industry. Powered by IZEA and hosted by expert influencer marketers, this podcast's mission is to cover the past, present and future of social media and digital marketing influence by sharing valuable insights and powerful stories from industry leaders.

Show Notes: Each episode features a different industry influencer and explores in-depth marketing technology topics through fresh conversations on current events in the digital marketing world. Each industry leader shares personal journeys and firsthand experience working in the world of influencer marketing and invites listeners to join the discussion, discover new tactics and techniques, and be encouraged to become the influencer they always knew they were deep down inside.

Audience Size: 100-500 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Social media users, marketing professionals, C-Suite level executives, consultants, influencers, creators and brands.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range from social media influencers, marketing consultants, brand executives, business leaders and authors within the digital marketing industry.

My Taught You features host and entrepreneur Myleik Teele, Chief Experience Officer at Curlbox, sharing her unique perspective on business and how to move forward on a journey of personal development. Myleik shares her business insights and discusses taking risks and making bold choices in business and in life head-on.

Show Notes: The format varies from episode to episode and often includes interviews with those who inspire and motivate Myleik. From conversations on building your brand to the importance of mental health and becoming a true boss, Myleik regularly mixes it up and keeps things fresh. She frequently shares her personal stories of success, failure, and everything in-between with her listeners, and often answers listener questions on the podcast or via her impromptu Periscope streams on Twitter.

Audience size: Approximately 10,000-20,000 listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Business owners, entrepreneurs, young professionals, multicultural women, young black women, women of color, creators and anyone looking to find their best selves.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range of influencers in business, lifestyle and health to bring the conversation of personal development to the audience.

Jacob Unger

The Pivotal Leader promotes pivotal leaders who share both personal and professional experiences about what helped them elevate their organizations to higher levels, and focuses on culture building that attracts top talent and clients. The Pivotal Leader is produced by Pivot10 Results and hosted by Gina Trimarco—acknowledged and appreciated by guests as an interviewer who asks hard questions. The mission of the podcast is to inspire and motivate other leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals to live out their purposes and core values to positively impact clients and team members.

Show Notes: Each episode features business leaders and the pivotal moments that shifted their organizations to success through culture building, a clear mission and the execution of core values. Guests range from start-up companies to CEOs of publicly traded companies and all have compelling stories to share, both personal and professional, that listeners can learn from.

Audience Size: 600-800 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, rising CEOs, C-Suite executives, consultants.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for C-Suite executives, rising leaders, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The SuccessLab Podcast: Where Entrepreneurs Collaborate for Success. In the SuccessLab you’ll discover how to master SMART growth through PR and marketing, time management, productivity, and business strategies. Hear from other entrepreneurs who are going through the same struggles and discover solutions for overcoming the obstacles we all battle. Take massive action to make an impact. Grab your pen and pad, and join us in the lab—an honest, safe, supportive environment where entrepreneurs share their challenges, victories, tips, tools, and resources.

Show Notes: In every episode, we explore a specific area of business in which entrepreneurs commonly face challenges on their path to scaling. Successful entrepreneurs share obstacles they’ve overcome and how they did it, and provide tips for other business owners.

Audience Size: 250-300 downloads per month.

Audience Profile: Entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, startups.

Guest Profile: Looking for entrepreneurs and successful startup founders who can share their journey and tips for business success.

Small Business War Stories is a weekly podcast where our CEO, Pablo Fuentes, meets with a small business owner to discuss the different aspects and challenges of running a small business. He recently completed the Soul of America tour, where he traveled across the US to interview all types of business owners. Each episode includes a unique perspective and valuable business lesson.

Audience Size: 1,200-1,600 unique listeners a month and growing.

Audience Profile: Small business owners, managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and lovers of stories.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for small business owners or small business experts to share their stories or experiences—both successes and failures.

Show Notes: Masters of Scale is a new original podcast hosted by LinkedIn Co-Founder and Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman showing how companies grow from zero to a gazillion. With original music and hilariously honest stories, the series unfolds like a detective story as Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders. It's also the first American media program to commit to a 50-50 gender balance for guests.

Audience Profile: Founders, entrepreneurs, students, innovators, business executives, and nonprofit leaders—anyone who has a business idea or wants to take their startup to the next level.

Audience Size: Masters of Scale is currently a “top 5” business podcast on iTunes. It has held the #1 position for the greater part of the last 2 weeks since launching on May 3rd, 2017.

Guest Profile: Masters of Scales features a who’s who of iconic entrepreneurs, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Crisis Text Line’s Nancy Lublin, Minted’s Mariam Naficy, and Bill Gates, among many others.

Hosted by Vivian Nunez, Creating Espacios is dedicated to elevating the voices and stories of trailblazing Latinas. Through each episode the goal is to close the gap of information for a new generation of Latinas who aspire to follow their innovative and entrepreneurial dreams.

Audience Profile: Latina, creatives, entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers, writers, filmmakers, actors, founders, CEOs.

Audience Size: 1,000-1,200 unique listeners per month.

Guest Profile: Always looking to feature Latinas who are innovating and making meaningful impact in their area of expertise!

This is a show that takes a look "behind the scenes" of nonprofits. You’ve heard that “sex sells.” The entertainment industry has us hooked on it. At Through the Noise that’s EXACTLY what we do. Bring you the hottest, sexiest, and most cutting-edge “thought leadership” out there in the nonprofit, association, and charity organization arena. No topic is too controversial.

Show Notes: Our world is constantly changing and we are looking for ways to better understand it. Our goal is to have lively discussions about how the work gets done and learn about unique approaches, best practices, and tips. Join your hosts Ernesto Gluecksmann and Blake Althen a couple times a week to hear about all that, and probably have a laugh while you’re at it.

Audience Size: Several thousand per month.

Audience Profile: Practitioners in various nonprofits such associations, charities, councils, and NGOs.

Guest Profile: Typically C-Suite leaders in nonprofits or companies that work for them. For example, Executive Directors, Deputy Directors, COOs, CEOs. You can see a list of past guests here.

The As Told By Nomads podcast features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, entrepreneurs and multicultural individuals who are leaders in business, culture, travel and global affairs to discuss what it takes to embrace your global identity and become a global leader.

Audience Size: 40,000 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: People aged between 18 and 35 interested in making a meaningful impact in the world through their businesses and telling stories of underrepresented people in the world.

Guest Profile: We accept guests who are able to talk about global affairs, education, diversity, inclusion, the workforce, social justice and entrepreneurship in a way that is relatable to the next generation of leaders.

When it comes to localization, translation, and globalization, there is a lack of industry media, and these industries rarely get coverage in mainstream media. Globally Speaking Radio works to give these industries a voice by covering their hottest topics and the latest issues.

Show Notes: Recorded bi-weekly, hosts Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens start each podcast with a short description about what will be discussed. Then guests will join the podcast to answer questions from the hosts and have a discussion about the podcast topic.

Audience size: 3,000 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Varies by topic, but typically people who work in the translation, localization, or globalization industries, or people with a passion for language and language learning.

Guest Profile: Currently seeking C-level executives from a wide variety of industries to discuss how localization has helped them bring their products and services to different markets across the globe.

The Katie Couric podcast features unscripted conversations with some of the biggest names in news, politics and pop culture. It was launched in July 2016. Past podcast episodes feature individuals like Alec Baldwin, Samantha Bee, Ina Garten, Nate Silver, Jonathan Weisman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rebecca Traister, Bob Costas, Frank Luntz and Sen. Al Franken. The Katie Couric podcast was chosen as an iTunes Best Of 2016. Podcast is produced by Stitcher.

Audience size: Large, off the record!

Audience profile: Longtime fans of Katie as well as news and politics junkies alike.

Guest Profile: Guests are generally leaders in their fields, and often skew toward politics, entertainment and journalism.

iHeartRadio’s The Bobby Bones Show and BobbyCast podcasts are hosted by Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Ray, Nada and Eddie—the nationally syndicated on-air personalities of iHeartRadio’s The Bobby Bones Show. The podcasts feature candid interviews with Country music’s top artists and other celebrities, such as Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Jake Owen, Walker Hayes, Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, Chris Janson and Eric Paslay. BobbyCast has reached No. 2 on iTunes’ top comedy podcasts list.

Show Notes: The Bobby Bones Show and BobbyCast focus on topics like pop culture news, exclusive celebrity interviews and backstage moments from iHeartRadio’s live music events. The Bobby Bones Show is recorded as a live broadcast from iHeartRadio’s Nashville studio Monday through Friday from 5 – 10 am, and BobbyCast is recorded from the comfort of Bobby Bones’ Nashville home on big, comfy chairs, with episodes ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

Audience size: 3 million plus listeners per month.

Audience profile: Country music and top 40 fans, female, 18-34 years old.

Guest profile: Currently looking for rising star or established Country artists.

Workplace Drama. Comedic Relief. Our workplace heroes Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will help you make the big decisions, better sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. A fictional ad agency, Penn & Pencil, will serve as a comedic point of reference for listeners’ questions. Do you have one? Call us! 424.224.5711. The show debuted in the Top 10 on iTunes.

Show Notes: I Hate My Boss is part expert commentary and part bi-weekly sitcom, incorporating advice to listeners offering an outsider’s perspective on the situation to help them find better work-life balance moving forward. The fresh format uses heart, humor, and hard-won expertise to curate a listener experience that is interactive and responsive, incorporating a show-specific hotline for the public to anonymously seek advice.

Audience Size: Large, (off the record!)

Audience Profile: High school or college bachelor degree graduates, parents, millennials, young entrepreneurs, mid-level/senior entrepreneurs, startup founders, corporate leaders.

Guest Profile: High-level executives, workplace innovators, disruptors, comedians, podcasters, creators. Have a great work experience you want to share with the world? Tell us!

The Radio DePaul Podcast features a themed episode every week, providing stories from guests and DePaul students aimed at world trends, local news, and personal narratives. For example, Will You Be My Valentine (Valentine's Day themed), Polarized (Ostracism themed), and Milo Comes to Town (Politically themed around an event).

Show Notes: Each 25-30 minute episode focuses on creative and trendy themes where guests of all statures (students, politicians, influencers, Chicago natives, etc.) can bring their personal stories to the ears of others. Episodes can be lighthearted, more somber, or even inspirational depending on the theme chosen.

Audience Size: 300-500 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: College students, local Chicago community members, millennials (ages 17-24), young adults (ages 25-30).

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range of guests—primarily those who have an opinion relevant to college students and Chicago events, trends, or lifestyles. Or, guests who can share a unique perspective and story relative to the episode’s theme. Previous notable guests include Jill Steinn (Presidential Green Party candidate), and politician Milo Yiannopoulos.

Make Me Smart is about getting smarter, together. Hosts Kai Rysdall and Molly Wood combine their expertise on the economy, technology and culture to connect the dots on the topics they know best, and get help from listeners and experts about the ones they want to know better. It's an invitation to join an open-ended conversation on hot topics that intersect with our culture and everyday lives—because none of us is as smart as all of us.

Show Notes: Each episode is an invitation to join an open-ended conversation on hot topics that intersect with our culture and everyday lives. Each episode is a direct response to requests and questions uncovered through Facebook Live sessions before every episode.

Audience Size: 70,000 unique episode downloads per week.

Audience Profile: Individuals from all walks of life that are interested in learning more about the economy, technology and culture.

Guest Profile: Influential leaders, big thinkers and everyday doers in the economy, from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Lyft Co-founder and President John Zimmer.

FOUND podcast navigates life through the lens of lost and found notes. The show has been featured on Wired, Salon, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today's “Podcast of the Week,” with such praises as “riveting,” “top-notch audio storytelling” and “this show makes you care about the lives of strangers.”

Show Notes: On each episode, host Davy Rothbart and co-host Christina Anthony take listeners on an adventure of discovery as they examine the stories connected to lost and found notes submitted to the global community art project “Found.”

Audience Size: Large, (off the record!)

Audience Profile: All ages, explorers, investigators

Guest Profile: Thought leaders, celebrities, innovators, reporters. Looking for people with a lost and found story to tell.

Storytelling nonprofit The Moth features true stories that have been told live in front of audiences without notes. Authors, actors, astronauts and everyday folk have all told stories—in fact, over 20,000 stories in total have been shared from stages around the world. Those stories go on to be heard on The Moth Radio Hour and the podcast. While not a traditional pitch/interview show, the show’s impact is quite significant and continues to be among the top podcasts on iTunes.

Show Notes: Features true stories told live in front of an audience which are then recorded.

Audience size: 1 million radio listeners a week; 44 million downloads of the podcast; live show audiences hit approximately 200,000 a year.

Audience Profile: Men and women of all ages.

Guest Profile: Not a guest per se—but anyone with a true story that has a beginning, middle and end and shows transformation is welcome to pitch.

Every podcast listener has questions about their favorite podcast hosts. Based on the 10,000 member Facebook group of the same name, Podcasts We Listen To gives the listener an inside look into the minds, methods, motivations, personal motivations and thought processes of those hosts. The podcast also helps listeners learn about unfamiliar shows while helping shows to find new listeners.

Show Notes: Host Jeremy Collins sits down to talk with new and upcoming podcast hosts, as well as some of the more popular hosts in the podcast world.

Audience size: 3,000-3,500 unique downloads a month.

Audience Profile: Podcast listeners of all ages, genders, and listening preferences.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for guests who host their own podcast(s). All genres are welcomed and encouraged to be a guest.

The Concealed Carry Podcast brings the conversation about the armed citizen lifestyle to the forefront of iTunes by sharing firearm safety, training tips, news stories and relevant considerations for those considering and taking a part in firearm-related self-defense.

Show Notes: The podcast publishes twice weekly and shares relevant recent new stories, training tips, and speaks at depth about topics related to the daily use, storage, and carrying of firearms.

Audience Size: In 14 months the podcast now reaches over 60,000 listeners monthly and is growing rapidly.

Audience Profile: American gun owners who want to take a pro-active role in the defense of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for law enforcement and military professionals, instructors, or related business owners who have expertise in a firearm related topic.

Hysteria 51 is a weekly “odd-cast” that takes an every-man approach to conspiracy theories, mysteries, the unusual, and the unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.

Audience size:700-800 unique listeners per week for new episodes (1,500 – 1,600 unique per week total).

Audience Profile: Demographic—91% male, 70% between 25 – 44 years of age, overwhelmingly US based. Psychographic—interests include comedy, paranormal, UFO, conspiracies, true crime, cryptozoology, and generally things that go bump in the night.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range from investigators, cryptozoologists, eye witnesses, former workers in the field of the “weird,” other show hosts, and authors within the paranormal/ufo/conspiracy/etc, community. Guests are interviewed outside of the show and clips are edited in. Guests statements will never be edited to make it appear they said something they didn’t intend.

Heather loves juicy scoops, topics and guests, and that is just what she’ll be delving into each week on her podcast. Much like the very missed Chelsea Lately that Heather wrote and appeared on since its inception, Heather will tackle the juiciest and most controversial topics that are in the Zeitgeist. Heather will not hold back her opinion on anything or anyone and when talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, comics or reality stars, Heather will ask the questions you were always wondering about yourself.

Show Notes: Heather interviews today’s top celebrities, talking about everything buzzworthy in entertainment in a fresh and conversational tone that offers listeners an experience to get the full inside scoop.

Audience Size: Large, (off the record!)

Audience Profile: Hollywood enthusiasts, those looking for comedy, inspiration, and entertainment.

Guest Profile: Looking for new guests who have the inside scoop on all things entertainment!

A podcast that dares to say what many are thinking, but only Jackie would say. Expect unfiltered and unapologetic conversations about sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, social faux-pas and hopefully, an insightful takeaway. Nothing is off limits. Hosted by Jackie Schimmel, creator of blog “The Bitch Bible” and your soon-to-be bitchy (and super neurotic) best friend!

Show Notes: Jackie gives it straight and tells it exactly how it is. She gives her listeners a real inside look at her life, and frequent topics include her love of all things Bravo and reality TV, pop culture, relationship advice and more. She gives her listeners the same advice she'd give her closest family and friends. Since premiering in February 2015, the Bitch Bible podcast frequents the iTunes Top Rated charts and has guests ranging from everyone's favorite Bravolebrities (Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives, Ladies of London) in addition to other celebrities, podcasters and her very own friends/family.

Audience size: 350,000 listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Women between the ages of 18 and 30 who love all things reality TV, entertainment and pop culture.

Guest Profile: The Bitch Bible accepts a variety of guests ranging from comedians to other bloggers/podcast personalities and television personalities.

Real Crime Profile is an investigative crime show profiling today’s most interesting and talked about crimes.

Show Notes: Join Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS’ Criminal Minds) as they profile behavior from real criminal cases. Real Crime Profile will take you through the gripping Steven Avery case highlighted on “Making A Murderer,” the OJ Simpson Trial, and much more.

Audience Size: Large, (off the record!)

Audience Profile: Adults 25+ interested in crime and discovery.

Guest Profile: Questioners, fellow crime profilers, investigative reporters.

The Minds of Madness is a True Crime investigative podcast, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind that cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things. The Minds of Madness pulls you behind the curtains, revealing the madness behind some of the most seemingly normal minds who've snapped. From doctors to university professors to the dad next door, this podcast presents the culminating chain of events that finally erupt into one climatic and very tragic event. This podcast is hosted by Tyler. Our mission is to provide listeners with

new True Crime stories that are not widely known in the media, and have not already been covered by other podcasters. We aim to take an objective and sensitive approach at telling these stories as accurately as possible. Our podcast also aims to bring light to various issues that may have involvement in the case stories, such as mental health, substance abuse,

domestic violence, etc.

Show Notes: Each episode explores relatively unknown cases in the media, describing in detail the events leading up to the tragic event. Riveting storytelling through a single male narrator with a thriller type voice. News clips and interviews provide a more in-depth look into the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator. As these individuals share their personal journeys and firsthand experience, listeners are welcomed in to join the discussion, discover new truths and are encouraged by the compelling stories of hope that always accompany recovery.

Audience size: 150,000-160,000 unique listens a month.

Audience Profile: Anyone interested in True Crime, with an interest in the psychology and events behind the sudden and violent act of murder.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for victims or family members of victims affected by the unthinkable actions of others that would be willing to be interviewed and tell their story. Also looking for medical professionals like psychiatrists who would be willing to be interviewed about mental health and substance and how it relates to heinous crimes. We're also looking to hopefully interview criminologists, police officers, experts on domestic violence and other professionals familiar with cases we cover.

The BEST EVER podcast is the longest running daily real estate podcast, sharing top notch investing advice from professionals all over the world. Join Joe Fairless as he talks to successful real estate professionals who will give you their best advice ever—with none of the fluff.

Audience Size: 300,000 - 500,000 listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Real estate investors wanting to learn from people who are currently investing in real estate and sharing their stories.

Guest Profile: The show accepts guests from many different entrepreneurial avenues and involved in all different levels of real estate related backgrounds—real estate agents, brokers, investors, architects, lenders, and many other influential professionals, including Barbara Corcoran, Emmitt Smith and Million Dollar Listing stars, David Parnes and James Harris.

Stacking Benjamins is a light, magazine style show which Kiplinger named Best Personal

Finance Podcast for 2016. Broadcasting from Joe's mom's basement, the show focuses on easygoing conversations about financial headlines with interesting guests who have a unique point of view.

Show Notes: Each episode features headlines ripped from some of the nation's finest publications, then a featured interview with an interesting guest, and finally, answering

letters from listeners.

Audience Size: 30,000 listeners per episode.

Audience Profile: Individuals looking for more entertaining surround sound about finance and less guru talk. Our audience is looking for stories with unexpected endings about personal

financial hurdles.

Guest Profile: Want guests to have a great story with roadblocks they've overcome, or with interesting stories about unique adventures. Besides straightforward financial industry guests, we've also talked to people about the history of Monopoly, the gold rush, theme parks, forging art, making films, and more that were outside the traditional financial realm.

The Bank Account is a banking industry-focused podcast series produced by the Financial Services lawyers at Bryan Cave. The podcast is hosted by the law firm Bryan Cave with occasional special guests from the banking industry.

Show Notes: Each episode features Bryan Cave financial services attorneys Jonathan Hightower and Rob Klingler discussing issues relevant to the banking industry today, particularly within the legal realm. The podcast also occasionally features relevant guests and clients who weigh in on timely issues.

Audience Size: 5,200 listeners.

Audience Profile: The audience is made up of attorneys, bank executives, people who are focused on banking technology, those interested in financial regulatory issues, and those interested in trends in banking. The vast majority of listeners are in the U.S., but the podcast has a surprising number in Asia and Europe as well. The top ten states with listeners are: 1) Georgia, 2) Missouri, 3) California, 4) New York, 5) Illinois, 6)Texas, 7) Virginia, 8) North Carolina, 9) Kansas, 10) South Carolina.

Guest Profile: The podcast is occasionally looking for experts who can discuss trends and news in the banking industry, particularly with a legal bent.

Build Your House Yourself University teaches lay people the basics of home design and construction so they can save money and make smart decisions about the construction of the place they will call home. BYHYU aims to simplify and demystify the home building process so that homeowners can build a quality dream house—with or without a general contractor. Michelle Nelson is the host and fellow student who shares the knowledge she's gaining as she prepares to build her own house.

Show Notes: BYHYU explores numerous topics relevant to residential design and construction. Each episode is either a mini lesson on some aspect of home design or construction (taught by Michelle) or an interview with an owner-builder or an industry professional. Guests reveal tips, tricks and advice that will help make the building process easier and more enjoyable. There are also product reviews that introduce the audience to cutting edge as well as tried and true products and services. And in keeping with the university theme, episodes end with short, fun quizzes.

Audience Size: 7,500-8,500 unique listens per month.

Audience Profile: Laypeople planning to build a custom home, new builders, house flippers and remodelers who want to review the basics.

Guest profile: Would love to interview owner-builders and retired or working builders, subcontractors and other industry pros who are willing to be completely honest about home building (including hidden mark-ups, how to recognize quality work, how to save money without sacrificing quality, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to effectively manage subcontractors).

Shareable is a podcast recorded at the intersection of people and technology. We explore the pivotal moments in people's lives where a person or technology had a profound impact on them, forever shifting the direction of their career and life.

Show Notes: In each episode, Jeff and his guest uncover the widespread impact of technology on our lives, often bringing to the surface the human elements of this relationship. The show also functions as a “How I Built This” story sharing platform. Our guests reveal how they got their start and the role people and technology have played in that process. Ranging from various stages of career development, each guest offers listeners their own set of life experiences, advice, affirmations, and recommendations.

Audience Size: 91 subscribers, and over 5,000 downloads in a month with a total of 8,000 since Shareable launched in late February.

Audience Profile: Young professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startup owners,

marketers, executives, and CEOs. People who want to know more about the

digital world around them and see us as a trusted guide.

Guest Profile: We’re looking for anyone who’s life has been impacted by technology (a broad net to cast, we know), but we’re also going to start a series of “Deep Dive” episodes where we’ll be looking for experts on networking, mentorship, leadership, disagreements/conflict resolution, team building, sales, persuasion, delegation, empathy, trust, and active listening.

A funny weekly tech and media news roundup with Michael Wolf of NextMarket Insights and David Spark of Spark Media Solutions.

Audience Size: 1,000-2,000 per show.

Audience pProfile: While tech and media geeks listen to the show, people who are completely non-savvy like listening too because the hosts are approachable and funny.

Guest profile: We have guests on occasion. Mostly we want guests who have a fascinating story about tech and media to share.

The Doppler Cloud Computing Podcast covers all things cloud while focusing on how to prepare the traditional enterprise to look beyond conventional computing. Hosts David Linthicum, SVP of Cloud Technology Partners, and Mike Kavis, VP and Principal Cloud Architect at Cloud Technology Partners, talk about what’s new and what’s working in the industry. Guest speakers add additional commentary and provide expert advice to help enterprise be successful in the cloud.

Show Notes: Each episode features a timely, technology-related topic that is relevant to the industry and important to the enterprise. The hosts begin the conversation by presenting the weekly topic, introducing themselves and their guests, and asking their guests to provide a brief overview of their careers and industry experience. Next, they dive into the discussion, providing thought leadership through personal opinions, first hand experience and unique insight.

Audience Size: The podcast gets an average of 3,500 plays/downloads every month, and rising.

Audience Profile: The audience includes key enterprise decision makers, CIOs, analysts, media, and more.

Guest Profile: Guests should be able to speak specifically to technology news and best practices.

This podcast is a forum where today’s most effective technology marketers can share their top 3 ideas, interests, challenges, successes, opportunities, plans and more. The goal is to help technology marketers around the world be inspired by the stories of their peers.

Show Notes: Each interview-style episode is relaxed and conversational and features a guest who shares their Top 3 topic, a subject with three supporting strategies that are relevant to B2B tech marketers.

Audience Size: Small-medium—specifics are off the record!

Audience Profile: B2B tech marketers, from entry level to CMOs and CEOs.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for seasoned leaders, speakers and authors within the B2B technology marketing field.

The Front Row explores how education and technology accelerate social progress and innovation. Each episode features a discussion with experts across a range of fields, journeying through the past and present to see what it takes to solve the problems of the future. The Front Row is brought to you by 2U, a company that powers the technology behind many universities’ digital education platforms.

Show Notes: Each episode runs approximately 20 minutes in length, and features in-depth conversations with experts from across a broad range of industries. The first episode examines the workforce of the future through the lens of the manufacturing industry. Upcoming episodes will explore topics including the future of aging, the future of epidemics and utilizing data for good.

Audience Size: The Front Row is a new podcast launched this month and has already received high rankings on the education charts.

Audience Profile: Students, educators, career experts and anybody seeking an informative and inspiring conversation about the evolution of myriad industries, the potential of tech developments and how education can specifically play a role when preparing for careers in those fields.

Guest Profile: Seeking educators, technologists, and leaders who are making an impact in their industry and solving complex problems.

Track Changes is a Postlight podcast run by co-hosts and co-founders of Postlight, Paul Ford and Rich Ziade. The podcast brings a mix of creative voices from tech to design to publishing,

all discussing the ins and outs of unique projects and ideas within their industry.

Show Notes: Each episode is a casual, humorous sit down with Paul Ford and Rich Ziade. The two invite special guests like Aaron Lammer, Laurie Voss, Michael Sippey and Gina Trapani to sit down in open dialogue and discuss areas of expertise and interest. Conversations achieve deeper insight to industries and the guests’ personal successes.

Audience size: 20,000 listeners.

Audience Profile: Designers, engineers, techies, and programmers.

Guest Profile: Wide range—from journalists to programmers to engineers.

Copeland Coaching Podcast brings you career advice to help you land your next job, change career paths, and make more money.

Show Notes: Each episode features a different expert guest who discusses a specific portion of the job search process.

Audience size: Approximately 2,000 downloads per month.

Audience Profile: Job seekers from the ages of 25-45. They almost all have a college degree and some have a graduate degree.

Guest Profile: Guests are career experts in a field, from recruiters to C-level executives.

Smart Kitchen Show is dedicated to food tech, the smart kitchen and the future of cooking, food and the kitchen. Founded by Michael Wolf, the podcast launched following the successful launch and growth of the Smart Kitchen Summit, an event dedicated to the same topics. Mike interviews guests in the food, tech, commerce, design, data, retail and appliances/housewares industries and is interested in innovation in the space and likes talking to startups. IoT (Internet of Things) is rapidly changing business models and impacting the products and services that consumers want and need. The Smart Kitchen Show explores that and dives into the details as to how it's all being done.

Show Notes: A podcast about the intersection of food, technology and the kitchen, and the implications of how technology will change the way we eat, shop, cook and think about our food.

Audience Profile: Our audience are CEOS and directors, chefs and restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, makers and influencers in the food, tech and kitchen space.

Audience size: 6,000 daily audience and growing rapidly.

Guest Profile: We interview guests in the food, tech, design, commerce, data, retail and appliance space. Everyone from celebrity chefs to academics trying to create a new language for the Internet of Food. Guests are a mix of CEOs, culinary explorers, researchers, journalists and makers.

The Blissful Bites Podcast (also see shares stories and business tips from women to help bloggers turn their hobby into a sustainable, growing business. The goal of the show is to show women bloggers that they can start earning money, simply by starting right where they are. We share two episodes a week, one with an entrepreneur and one fast friday episode that’s under 10 minutes and gives a tip to implement right away in your business. Audience Size: 18,000 unique listeners per month. Audience Profile: Women between the ages of 24 and 35 who are in the food and health industry, and looking to grow their hobby into a business. Guest Profile: We accept a wide variety of guests including women in the food industry, expert entrepreneurs who can share actionable advice, and successful food bloggers.

The Hungry Squared Podcast brings you the nerdy side of food. Winter Redd and Sharon Titus host this fun and funny podcast all about food science, food history, and food design, plus a little unqualified relationship/food advice.

Show Notes: Each episode explores the science, history, and design aspects of a particular food topic; some episodes include an interview with a guest expert on that topic. Plus we talk about current things we're making and eating and answer listener questions about food and relationships.

Audience Size: 2,500-4,000 downloads a month.

Audience Profile: Home cooks, mothers, professional chefs, and trivia junkies.

Guest Profile: Looking for food scientists, food historians, chemical engineers, food hobbyists, cookbook writers with a passion that falls into one of our categories: food science, food history, and food design.


Mike Powell has spent his career in action sports athlete management and worked with the best skiers on the planet during an 18 year career at K2 Skis. He’s also MC’d events around the world for K2, Redbull and Powder Magazine. Every week you'll get a dose of awesomeness as Mike Powell takes a deep dive into the careers, history, and psyche of the greatest athletes and behind the scenes players from the world of action sports. From humble beginnings to supernovas, these talents have shaped the sports we love and continue to push the envelope of what is possible.

Show Notes: Each episode is a real time biography with athletes and business professionals.

Audience size: 3,000 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Anyone interested in action sports athletes and the business professionals behind the scenes.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for select action sports executives and action sports athletes.

Show Notes: Skin In The Game is a podcast about sports, identity and culture. We’re on a mission to expand the idea of what it means to be an athlete. Each week, Skin In The Game brings in some of the nation’s premiere athletes, college coaches, sports influencers, and fans to talk about the trending (and taboo) topics in the world of sports.Through our coverage, we’ve unpacked the homophobia behind Donald Trump's locker room talk statement, exposed the prevalence of hazing on high school sports teams, decoded the racial and cultural backlash against Colin Kapernick’s athlete activism, and brought insight into the role the media plays in covering (and hindering) the progress of women’s athletics.

Audience Profile: Our audience is a community that reaches far beyond the arena of athletics.

We are a community of people who see sports as a platform to explore controversial issues reflecting of larger issues within society. We bring in everyone from activists, entrepreneurs, political leaders, sociology professors, linguists, athletes, sports fans and coaches to unpack the hard cultural issues that athletes face within the world of sports.

Audience Size: Total episode reach (6 episodes): 194,000 listeners.

Guest Profile: Our show style is a documentary style podcast where we gather multiple speakers from various backgrounds to address diverse opinions or experiences relating to topical sports issues. If you want to talk about it—we want to give you the space to do so.

The Rodeo Marketing Show, co-produced and co-hosted by Mike Donnell and Kacee Willbanks Colletti, is focused on enhancing the marketing and sponsorship efforts of rodeo contestants, committees and sponsors through interviews with some of the leading marketing experts inside and outside the sport. This is a vastly under-covered and under-explored aspect of our sport. We just recorded our 28th episode. The show is recorded, edited and distributed through the Horse Radio Network, which also archives all past episodes. Each episode is supported through a strong social media marketing program.

Show Notes: Each episode features interviews with two individuals recognized for strong and/or unique marketing activities. Most guests are from within the sport but others are from outside the sport and experienced in the area of sports marketing.

Audience Size: Nearly 2,000 unique listeners.

Audience Profile:Our listeners include rodeo, roping, bull riding and barrel racing contestants, committees who produce these events, and brands who market to the sport and fans.

Guest Profile: We seek guests from inside and outside the sport of rodeo who can share sports marketing and sponsorship advice with our audience.

The Change Your POV Podcast Network is comprised of veterans and veteran advocates intent on providing as much value as possible to service members, those in transition, veterans and their families. Our mission is to help veterans become just as successful out of uniform as

they were when they were in uniform. At Change Your POV Podcast Network, we firmly

believe that perspective is the vantage point of success!

Show Notes: The unique format of this podcast is that there are multiple shows that provide weekly episodes on topics focused on the military service member. There are currently six shows in development, in which veteran hosts or those that support them discuss clinical mental health, actionable transition advice, making the transition from warfighter to successful veteran, and entrepreneurship, marketing and branding. The podcast network

hosts, Eddie Lazzarie and Bennett Tanton, are developing a network of shows that will provide transitioning service members with the skills they need to succeed in post-military life.

Audience Size: 650-750 downloads per episode.

Audience Profile: Veterans, active duty service members, family members of military service members and veterans, community members who serve and support the military, and first responders.

Guest Profile: Each show has a wide range of options for guests—successful veteran entrepreneurs, clinical mental health professionals who work with veterans, veterans who have succeeded and/or struggled in their transition, anyone looking to provide service members and veterans with the tools and skills needed to succeed.

The Veteran Woman is more than just a company or business—it’s a persona. It’s a movement, created to help women make the necessary life decisions without all the red-tape. Powered by The Veteran Woman, LLC and hosted by Airial Re’nal Dandridge, The Veteran Woman Podcast serves as one of the platforms to empower, inspire and encourage women veterans and those who love them, to provide a platform for them to share their voices and stories, and to create a space for advocacy and awareness without bureaucracy.

Show Notes: Each episode brings a new insight on overcoming struggles in life, turning breakdowns into breakthroughs, and just plain living a life you love and desire despite the hardships you are facing or have faced. Most of the episodes are in an interview-style format; however, they often sound more like informal conversations between friends. An extension of the podcast is the “Candid Conversations VirtuCon.” This is a three-day interactive virtual event held quarterly via Zoom and FB Live where panelists discuss some of the hot topics affecting society, servicemembers, and veterans. Conversations surrounding taboo topics and ideas that people are normally afraid to discuss are encouraged. This podcast appeals not only to women veterans, but to male veterans and civilians as well. Anyone and everyone can benefit from each episode.

Audience size: 100-200 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Veterans, active service members and their families.

Guest Profile: Guests from all backgrounds welcome—men, women, veterans and non-veterans. Looking for both women and men who have followed their heart, recognized the value of their experiences, and are enjoying purpose, prosperity and fulfillment in their lives. If you have an inspiring personal or business story to tell or are an expert in your own field with valuable skills to share, I WANT YOU!

The Dr. Jaime Show is all about sharing content to help you become more happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful. Hosted by Dr. Jaime Kulaga, this podcast’s mission is to give people one hour per week dedicated to help them open their minds, reset and get on track toward goals, happiness and health. Airs every Friday at 930am EST.

Show Notes: In each episode viewers meet a new guest considered a top expert in their field. We’ve had an acupuncturists, essential oil experts, financial advisors, the CEO of CannaCure, Certified Medium, Entrepreneurs, and most recently secured a NASA astronaut for 6/9/17. As these individuals share their personal journeys and experience, listeners can expand their mind and enhance their growth and overall life success. Listeners are encouraged to call in and chat LIVE with guests and Dr. Jaime. You don't get politics, calculus or negativity on The Dr. Jaime Show!

Audience size: 469-500 LIVE viewers each week on, Facebook Live 200-400 each week—total of 900 LIVE viewers weekly.

Audience Profile: Business owners, people who are working toward goals, people interested in self-improvement, women ages 21-49, men, and anyone looking for a happy, upbeat and fun talk show!

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range from executives, influencers, leaders, therapists, people in unique industries, and authors. Must be an expert and very versed in your field and have an ability to have fun, laugh and keep the attention of viewers. You must want to have FUN! This is a feel good show that gives people motivation and momentum. Must be able to get to the Tampa, Fl area for day of show.

Why limit yourself to one side of your brain, or one career path? Here's the thing: the “limit” does not exist. Multi-hyphenates Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell believe that creativity and STEM are better together, and they've got a bunch of great guests who are proving that's true in groundbreaking ways.

Show Notes: If you feel that one path may not be your only path, and you'd rather build your own custom Venn diagram, this show is for you.

Audience size: 12,000-15,000 downloads per episode.

Audience Profile: Millennials who are figuring out a career path; high school and college students who have a lot of interests and feel pressured to choose (but don't want to); parents/teachers/career counselors who want to see a broader range of career paths for multi-hyphenates (and understand how many tech-enabled careers are drastically changing); and honestly anybody (mid-career, retired even) who still isn't sure what they want to

be when they grow up.

Guest Profile: Multi-hyphenates who have built careers at the intersection of STEM and the arts. It could be video game designers who are as interested in the visual storytelling as they are in code (and studied both film and computer science); choreographers who consult for IOT (internet of things) companies to help them develop gestural vocabulary for robots; theoretical physicists who play in jazz combos (and credit their music with helping them discover their

breakthrough string theory equation); painters who fell in love with natural history and became science communicators. You get the idea.

Show Notes: The Well Woman Show supports high achieving women to live their best life. We do this through interviewing a diverse group of women from health and wellness practitioners and scientists to politicians and business owners. We learn about their lives and their road to being who they are today. Whether it’s physical or sexual health, juggling life and work, professional development or financial success, emotional or spiritual wellness, a Well Woman is supportive of other women, is motivated to challenge herself, and is passionate about achieving her highest level of health and well being. Calling on the wisdom and lessons of Byron Katie, Oprah Winfrey, and Brene Brown, each episode is packed with tips and best practices for women who are doing something innovative in order to make a difference in the lives of others, and maintain a sense of well-being while doing it all! We create a supportive, social environment to connect and share our challenges and successes as women leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters and all the other roles we carry.

Audience Size: 12,000 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Women, ages 30-65.

Guest Profile: Women leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who want to be happy, healthy and fulfilled and can talk about balancing or blending work and life.

Is the worlds largest online radio network for cannabis. We focus on four pillars: Cannabusiness, laying the foundation for compliance and best business practices so that they industry has sustainability and growth, fun shows for the enthusiast, advocacy and legislation.

Show Notes: Cannabis Radio is the place for people who work in the industry or are looking to get involved in the industry. It is a place to relax and get energized and also to understand what the plant may offer for chronic conditions

Audience Size: 1 million on the live stream and over 500k on the downloads

Audience Profile: men and women ages 20-54 we have an international listening audience with a special focus on North America

Guest profile: Celebrity guests such as Whoopie Goldberg, legislators, patients alike fit our guest profile.

Richer Soul is your journey to more a purposeful, intentional, amazing life. Where are you going to go and how are you going to get there? Let's figure that out together. Have the financial well-being to be able to do what you want, when you want, how you want. It's about personal freedom! We begin by knowing our purpose and then find balance with our finances, health, time, relationships, spirituality, and overcome our biggest obstacle—the reflection in the mirror.

Show Notes: In each episode, we showcase experts in finances, health, time, relationships, spirituality, and mindsets, and we also feature guests who are being coached through the process of creating an abundant life. Experts share how they have created abundance and the path they’ve followed to achieve it.

Audience Size: Between 500-1,000 downloads.

Audience Profile: Most listeners are high income, making $100,000 and more a year, or on

their way to that level of income. They all have substantial savings in the 6-7 figure range. They tend to spend less than they earn, have focused on earnings, but now want more from life than just money. They are working on finding their purpose and creating more balance and happiness in their life.

Guest Profile: Experts in each of the area of finances, health, time, relationships, spirituality, and mindsets. We also feature guests who are being coached through the process of creating an abundant life.

The show’s mission is simple: To help you become the best version of yourself possible and in doing so make the world a better place. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever you do, this is the show that is going to help you become the best version of yourself. Each episode you will hear from some of the most amazing, talented, and successful people on the planet who followed their passions and strive to help others. Join our movement to get a million people each and every day to commit acts of kindness for others. Together, we're going to make the world a better place. Are you ready? Because it’s time for your daily helping.

Show Notes: Each episode is hosted by Dr. Richard Shuster who interviews well-known experts, bestselling authors, and Ted Talk presenters in numerous fields such as medicine, psychology, and entrepreneurship—people like Paul J. Zak, Bob Burg, Susan Winter, LaRae Quy, Debra Oakland, and others.

Audience Size: The show launched recently and is growing a small - medium following.

Audience Profile: Anyone wishing to become a better version of who they are. The show’s content is very accessible and something that all people can listen to, learn from, and grow whether they be an entrepreneur, school teacher, high school senior, or parent.

Guest Profile: Authors, professionals, entrepreneurs, media experts, and leaders who wish to inspire others and make the world a better place. Guest episodes have been recorded with guests who possess Twitter followings ranging from 4,000 to over 100,000.

If Science and Mysticism got married, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio show would be their child. OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) is a program about introspection, discovery, and evolution. It premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks and is now heard on over 35 AM stations nationwide. OLIT is the world’s only show about “Forensic Soul Analysis.” OLIT has previously profiled individuals such as Oliver Stone, The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, Gary Johnson (former Presidential Candidate), Actor Frank Vincent, George Carlin, NHL Legend Mark Messier, Howard Stern, Jane Velez-Mitchell and more.

Show Notes: Each episode presents an introspective perspective on an individual (alive or dead) or topics (there are no sacred cows). Some previous shows have focused on: life after death, secrets to attaining wealth, remote viewing, health optimization, and even the spiritual significance of TV’s “Family Guy.” One signature format style of OLIT is “Forensic Soul Analysis.” This occurs after guests are given a one-on-one introspective interview and are each analyzed by two Psychics, an Astrologer and a Psychologist. These four individuals who are known as “The Virtues” reveal the past lives of that individual, their soul purpose and their defining character qualities.

Audience size: 100,000 plus unique AM Radio listeners a month and 7,000–10,000 unique podcast listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Spiritual but, not religious individuals, avid readers, critical thinkers, teachers, young adults, individuals who accept both science and mysticism, reki practitioners, psychologists, and people who have an unsuitable curiosity. 73% of Outer Limits of Inner Truth listeners are between 25-44 and over 70% are women.

Guest Profile: Seeking metaphysical teachers, scientists involved in cutting edge research, historians, psychologists, doctors, media professionals and CEOs.

Rock Your Retirement discusses the lifestyle issues of retirement (not money). Hosted by Kathe Kline, this podcast's mission is to help people prepare for the non-financial aspects of retirement, things like: social, family, sandwich generation issues; adventure and travel; volunteer and philanthropy; spirit and soul and health; and sex. Every week we bring a topic relevant to the Baby Boomer generation—whether it's caring for a loved one, or how to deal with the depression that often comes with retirement.

Show Notes: Each episode explores different aspects of retirement, generally through interviews with experts. These experts might include authors who have written books on subjects that are relevant to the listeners, or people who own businesses that can help our listeners deal with a subject that comes up, such as Parkinson's disease, sexual issues, or helping parents when it's time to downsize.

Audience Size: 2,200-2,500 listeners a month.

Audience Profile: We target women age 55 plus, but anyone who is interested in retirement lifestyle should listen.

Guest Profile: We look for authors, bloggers, and others who can provide a unique perspective on retirement lifestyle. Please note: We don't include financial topics for this show.

The Holistic Spaces Podcast hopes to inspire, educate and empower you to create your own holistic spaces that truly nurture and support you. Anjie Cho, a licensed architect, feng shui expert and founder of the Holistic Spaces blog and online store selling beautiful and nourishing objects for living, hosts the show and provides insight and advice on a range of subjects including feng shui, green living, creating holistic spaces, interior architecture and more.

Show Notes: Every second and fourth Monday, Anjie covers a different helpful topic under the umbrellas of green design, holistic living, feng shui and architecture, often hosting guests to share their insight on areas like astrology, meditation, sacred art and more. Some podcasts even feature guest listeners for whom Anjie provides a short, 15-minute feng shui consultation call. We also have a mini-series in the podcast called Astrology & Feng Shui, in which we discuss monthly astrology predictions with feng shui solutions.

Audience Size: 5,200 unique listeners/month.

Audience Profile: Anyone interested in feng shui, holistic living, green design or interior architecture.

Guest Profile: Currently seeking guests with expertise and insight in a wide range of topics including BTB feng shui, meditation, holistic living, astrology, recycling, green design, interior design, apartment living, minimalism, sacred art and much more.

Join International Life Coach and Business Coach Gemma McCrae for a weekly dose of inspiration and motivation on all things to do with living a Prosperous Life. With celebrity interviews, expert interviews, advice segments, live coaching and Ask Gemma there is everything you need to keep entertained for your week ahead. Topics will range from Happiness, Health, Love, Confidence, Natural Health, Nutrition, Life Style, Life Coaching, Parenting, Cooking, Decluttering, Organization, Creativity, Mindfulness, Business Coaching, Productivity Hacks, Business Success, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality—so much you will be spoilt for choice!

Show Notes: Weekly, with an average length of 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Audience Size: 5,000 per month.

Audience Profile: Over 18 years of age. Professionals, men and women, looking to increase their happiness, health and success in personal and business lives.

Guest Profile: Looking for Health Experts, Business Experts and anyone with an interesting story on overcoming a personal or professional problem.

Show Notes: Welcome to The Boomtank Business Show podcast—for sharp female entrepreneurs and cool guys who support them! A show about more freedom, more income, less worries and lots of cutting-edge information to grow you and your business now. From branding to social media, marketing to the latest technologies—we host business, marketing and social media experts. What’s important is YOU. That means also interviewing experts who focus on self-improvement and those big self pieces you need to build your life and business. You’ll hear from success coaches, mindset coaches, meditation coaches, spiritual coaches, health coaches and money coaches, from the soulful side. Tune into our free webinars, Facebook Livestream workshops and book reviews too!

Audience Size: Small-medium—off the record!

Audience Profile: Sharp female entrepreneurs and cool guys who support them.

Guest Profile: From branding to social media, marketing to the latest technologies, we need business, marketing and social media experts. Also looking for experts who focus on self-improvement, building life and business. We want global success coaches, mindset coaches, meditation coaches, spiritual coaches, health coaches and money coaches from the soulful side.

Tune in to Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast to hear co-hosts Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd keep it real with a research-driven rundown of the ever-evolving challenges facing women today and throughout history, paired with smart, strategic solutions to further women’s lives, careers, and activism. New episodes come out every Wednesday and Friday.

Audience size: 1 million downloads per month.

Audience profile: Millennial women and men who are interested in the most topical feminist issues of today.

Guest Profile: We're accepting a wide range of guests, from political activists to entrepreneurs and journalists who are focused on women's issues.

My First Cadaver offers true stories from the medical front lines—be it a first real patient, first med school exam or first procedure. These moments, both exhilarating and terrifying, are harnessed and shared on Med School Tutors’ podcast (now entering its second season) to provide listeners with a dose of inspiration, practical advice, and (sometimes) a proverbial “you will survive this” reminder.

Show notes: Hosts Faith Aeryn, Maggie Norby-Adams and Chris Luggiero interview doctors for deep conversations about medicine—from the calling to be a doctor, the road to medical practice, and even those who leave medicine behind. Faith and company discuss triumphs and failures, losses and regrets, bliss, blood and everything in between, to deliver a surprisingly life-affirming take on those proverbial “first cadavers” of medicine.

Audience Size: 54,768 downloads on PodBean, 116 reviews on iTunes (almost

all 5 stars).

Audience Profile: Medical students, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, physicians and those interested in healthcare/medicine.

Guest Profile: We’re looking for celebrated physicians who write or speak about their experiences and (ideally) contribute to conversations about the lifestyle of doctors, and the culture and evolution of medicine and/or medical education. A sense of humor is, of course, always appreciated…is this an online dating profile? Our speaker roster, thus far, includes: Justin Barad, MD (Founder/CEO of Osso VR and writer for Medgadget), Dr. Eric Topol (author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine, The Patient Will See You Now, and many medical articles, and founder of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine), Dr. Jacob Kriegel (CEO of Alleviant Medical), Dr. Pamela Wible (Founder of the Ideal Medical Clinic), and Dr. Pranay Sinha (author of many medical articles, including those for Huffington Post and the New York Times) and more.

The Daily Cup is all about helping wellness professionals master the business side of medicine. On the show, we explore how to do this by helping you maximize productivity and workflow so you can turn your practice into a sustainable business—all while enjoying your daily cup of coffee. Ellie Heintze is a doctor and coffee enthusiast turned business mentor for wellness providers and small business owners.

Show Notes: Two episodes are released every week. One episode is geared toward answering key questions about networking, marketing, and productivity, followed by a guest expert interview on Friday. Episodes are packed with key business strategies and actionable steps you can take back to your business for immediate growth! Episodes are infused with core topics of sales, marketing, mindset, productivity, leadership, entrepreneurial success, and coffee talk!

Audience size: 500 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Alternative health and wellness professionals, solo-providers, health coaches, online entrepreneurs, energy healers.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for wellness professionals that have success stories in scaling their practice and key influencers in business strategy and productivity.

Show Notes: The Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is your weekly dose of wellness encouragement. It's the small changes that stick and ultimately compound to create big shifts in our holistic wellbeing. Dr. Michelle Robin and her expert guests will share wisdom, knowledge, real life stories, and practical tips to inspire and inform you as you move forward on your wellness journey.

Audience Profile: Women, men, and families seeking information and inspiration with practical advice that will lead them to improve their whole being wellness through realistic, simple and consistent small changes.

Audience Size: 3,500-5,000 unique listeners a month.

Guest Profile: Currently seeking experts, medical doctors, counselors, social workers, wellness practitioners, and influencers whose focus is on children's health, physical and emotional.

Mom & Mind takes an in-depth look into the world of Maternal Mental Health—you may know it as Postpartum Depression, but it's SO much more than that. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why didn't anyone tell me about this?” Well, we talk about it...mood changes during pregnancy, postpartum and loss. Created and hosted by Psychologist and specialist Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D. (aka Dr. Kat), the podcast's mission is to raise awareness and raise the volume on voices of Maternal Mental Health.

Show Notes: Weekly episodes touch on aspects of mental health in the reproductive time. We talk with known experts, fierce advocates and real mothers and fathers who have gone from struggling to wellness. It's vital to have this information. You deserve to be informed! Even if you're feeling just fine, it's possible that someone you know isn't. Up to 20% of perinatal women and up to 10% of new dads will have a significant struggle. For those who are struggling, you are not alone!

Audience size: About 5,000 downloads per month, in over 65 countries and growing monthly.

Audience Profile: Moms, dads, family members, psychotherapists, healthcare providers, advocates.

Guest Profile: Looking to interview moms who are or have been are pregnant, postpartum or had a loss and dealt with a change in their mental wellness. Dads and other family members who are affected by perinatal mood changes are also welcome. Experts and advocates who work with this population are welcome, too.

The Answers From Leadership Podcast wants to help leaders grow their leadership ability. We bring on great leadership experts from around the world to share what they've discovered about various leadership topics.

Audience Profile: 18-30-year-old leaders in the business arena who want to continue to grow their leadership skills.

Audience size: 2,000-3,000 per month.

Guest Profile: We accept a wide range of leaders. The ideal guest would have proven leadership results in the business or church world.

The Dr. Sue Show brings you honest and genuine perspectives on the real issues parents are struggling with today. The show’s main focus is helping divorced families thrive in difficult and stressful situations. Powered by, Life, The Keith Edmond's Foundation, Lynnie Marks at Berkshire Hathaway, and hosted by Dr. Sue Cornbluth, International Parenting Expert in high conflict divorce situations, this podcast's mission is to provide education, empowerment and hopeful stories to parents struggling with high conflict parenting situations.

Show Notes: Each weekly episode explores a different high conflict family situation with a variety of guests—some of them the top parenting experts in the country. Recently we had on Dr. Robyn Silverman, Good Morning America's (ABC)Parenting Expert! Our guests share their personal parenting stories and offer tips and tools on how to move through some of the most challenging parenting issues.

Audience Size: 600-1,000 unique listeners a week.

Audience Profile: Parents, divorced parents, therapists, life coaches, parenting coaches, grandparents, teachers, family lawyers, and psychologists providing help to parents.

Guest Profile: We are currently looking for a wide range of guests including authors, parenting coaches, parents who have successfully moved through a high conflict divorce, parenting experts and family law attorneys.

Every 13 seconds someone will suffer a traumatic brain injury. Faces of TBI is a podcast series created by survivors for survivors designed to offer education, inspiration, and hope. Traumatic Brain Injury affects 2.8 million Americans each year, and is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

Show Notes: Each episode is a conversation with either a healthcare professional, author, caregiver, or a fellow survivor. We explore topics that are current and relevant to the brain injury community in an effort to keep survivors and caregivers informed, educated, and inspired.

Audience size: 900-1,100 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Brain injury survivors, caregivers, clinicians, and any individuals affected by concussion or brain injury.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range from clinicians, healthcare professionals, survivors, caregivers, and authors within the brain injury community.

Recovery Unscripted brings you unique perspectives from inside the world of addiction and mental health recovery. Powered by Foundations Recovery Network and hosted by David Condos, this podcast's mission is to provide both education and inspiration by sharing valuable insights and powerful stories.

Show Notes: Each episode explores a different relevant topic through fresh conversations with a variety of influential and knowledgeable figures, from authors and clinicians to executives and leaders within the recovery community. As these individuals share their personal journeys and firsthand experience, listeners are welcome to join the discussion, discover new truths and be encouraged by the compelling stories of hope that always accompany recovery.

Audience size: 600-800 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Parents, relatives, teachers, therapists, counselors, interventionists, clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, treatment providers and any individuals affected by recovery.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range from clinicians, executives, influencers, leaders and authors within the recovery community.

Show Notes: 8 Min’s of Learning With Hira Ali is a self-development podcasts. The goal is to inspire and motivate you and share tips, techniques, and strategies and many other tools that will help you overcome personal and professional challenges and advancing your potential. In each podcast, we’ll cover a new topic that will facilitate your self-development. Some of the topics covered will include leadership, self-help, emotional intelligence, and self-coaching. We’ll also be sharing book reviews and conduct interviews with people who have inspired Hira or impacted her career (and the career of others) positively.

Audience size: Potentially 1,600 plus (LinkedIn, website subscription, Facebook group and page followers and members).

Audience Profile: No age limit or specific background as inspiration and self-improvement know no bounds.

Guest Profile: Business owners, corporate working professionals, thought leaders, authors, trainers, and coaches who have unique and useful advice and tips or strategies that can facilitate self-development or help to further the potential of our listeners in any way.

The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast with Sharon Haver is designed to help make your life, business, and style even more amazing in the next week.

Show Notes: Episode guest experts, celebrities, and thought leaders share actionable tips and strategies designed not to overwhelm, but to provide a doable game plan—via their personal stories of accomplishment and struggle—to kickstart how you show up in the world so you can live your most amazing life!

Audience size: 4,600 listeners for Season 1.

Audience Profile: Women who want to elevate their star power to be seen as a success in their life and business. Mostly focused on women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solopreneurs over 45 who are at a state of reinvention and transition in their life and seek ways to stay relevant, vital, and alive.

Guest Profile: Each episode of 7 Days to Amazing Podcast with Sharon Haver is a conversation with noted thought leaders, celebrities, motivational mavens, fun fashionistas, marketing masters, and career catalysts.

The Meaningful Way is a podcast that explores the journey we all travel to find our way, our purpose, and ourselves. Ultimately, the show explores not only the steps taken, but the ups and downs, challenges, distractions, and the “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-busy-practices” of how a breakthrough comes together. View the media kit here.

Show Notes: Each episode is centered around an interview with a guest, and focuses on

uncovering the guest’s story and one of two developments:

1. A key insight or experience in the guest’s personal or professional journey—a moment that created a dramatic shift in their life or career that led them to ultimately find their meaning of life.

2. A key area of learning that helps any individual uncover their own Meaningful Way more consciously, things like mindfulness, positive psychology, stress resiliency, the power of choice, consciousness, and other new paradigms and fields that raise our human potential, expanding our capacity to capitalize on each moment and find and create meaning throughout all aspects of our lives, relationships, and careers.

Audience Size: 50,000 plus listeners.

Audience Profile:Our listeners are change agents, inspiration seekers, go-getters, dreamers

and doers.

Guest Profile: We’re seeking conscious game changers. Those individuals—from well-known

achievers to everyday seekers—who have created success while taking the road less traveled. It’s those individuals who are blazing their own trail of happiness, health, potential, wisdom, and purpose—not only for themselves but for others, so that they, too, can create their path to unbridled fulfillment. We’re looking for experienced media guests, authors, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, TED talk speakers, and everyday unsung heroes are a great fit.

The Practice of the Practice Podcast is all about helping private practice owners to start, grow, and scale their practices. With expert interviews from marketing, business, clinical, and inbound marketing experts, there's a reason it's the #1 podcast for counselors in private practice. Experts such as Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Rob Bell, and Lewis Howes show business owners how to increase their income, influence, and impact on the world!

Audience Size: 50,000 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Counselors, social workers, massage therapists, physical therapists, coaches, consultants, and other helping professionals—people who want a thriving business and have big ideas to change the world.

Guest Profile: We accept a wide variety of guests including experts in the areas of psychology, marketing, online products, courses, and all things private practice.

Show Notes: The TTT podcast emphasizes that trauma does not discriminate. The very best leaders don't just talk about their triumphs; they also share their challenges and are willing to be vulnerable with the world. Own your trauma. Speaking out makes you stronger. Your voice is your sword. Collectively, we can accelerate a reduction in rape culture and other heartbreaks, locally and globally.

Audience Profile: Women, men and gender-neutral between the ages of 25 and 65 who have experienced trauma, and want to be inspired and know that they are not alone.

Audience Size: 500 unique listeners per month.

Guest Profile: We accept a wide variety of guests including both trauma survivors and those who provide support to trauma survivors (spouses/partners of trauma survivors, people who work in fields of trauma, etc.). Some of our guests are established in their field and others are sharing their story for the very first time.

Book Club for Kids is a free, 20-minute podcast for middle school kids, designed to turn reluctant readers into lifelong book lovers.

Show Notes: Each show features a conversation with a group of young readers about a middle grade novel, a reading from the book by a celebrity reader, and an interview with the author. Our past celebrity readers include former CIA operative Valerie Plame, actress Mimi Kennedy, an LA Laker, the former Secretary of Education, an FBI agent, numerous members of Congress, and NPR personalities like Renee Montagne and Peter Sagal. New full length shows are released every other week. Bonus episodes appear on alternate weeks. They usually include “My Favorite Book” suggestions or extended interviews with authors.

Audience size: Nearly 10,000 monthly RSS subscribers.

Audience Profile: Young readers and their parents, teachers, and librarians.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for middle grade readers to participate on the show (5th to 9th grade) in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Also seeking celebrity readers—either actors, politicos, or experts in subjects ranging from bees to game shows.

Each week Stories Podcast presents an original or adapted classic story for your family. Written and performed for children but enjoyable for adults as well, Stories Podcast has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Pop Sugar, The Boston Globe and more.

Show Notes: Each episode is a different story, from Rapunzel and Snow White to original works like Dog King and Soft: The First Dog. The narrator performs with fun voices and original songs.

Audience size: 400,000 plus unique downloads a month.

Audience Profile: Children, parents, families, teachers, and librarians.

Guest Profile: No guests.

The JustPolitickin Podcast, hosted by the Hip Hop Lobbyist, is one of the top podcasts in 2017 for urban millennials. Think of us as the NPR for urban millennial news. Each week we have exclusive interviews with prominent millennials to discuss hip hop, rap, sex, relationships, black news, sports and, of course, politics. We discuss the pressing issues in the urban millennial culture in our quest to be the best black podcast on iTunes.

Show Notes: Each episode highlights popular hip hop music and topics that directly impact the urban millennial culture. Our guests typically bring a unique perspective on hot button issues in politics, music, the lawmaking process, the White House and socioeconomic conditions

within the culture. As our guests share their first hand journeys and experience, we highlight the need for more millennials to be a part of the discussion and solution to problems addressed. (Currently building Official Launch May 13th.)

Audience size: 300-900 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Single, millennials, black, young professionals, age 16-40, hip hop lovers, politicians, music producers, rap artists, influencers, lifestyle specialist, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for urban millennials to engage in a wide range of conversations relating to race relations, hip hop culture, millennial news, healthcare, President Trump, and state politics.

Entrepreneur Before 25 provides weekly interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs who started their journey at the age of 25 and under. This podcast's mission is to create a community of inspiring, like-minded young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to living a life of freedom and balance while chasing their business dreams and goals.

Show Notes: Each weekly episode is a 30-45 minute interview with an inspiring entrepreneur who started their journey at the age of 25 and under. The topics discussed dig deep into their entrepreneurial journey—the good, the bad and the learned. Through the stories told you will learn the art of being YOUNG and SUCCESSFUL—and not just entrepreneurial success, but LIFE success.

Audience size: 100-300 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Entrepreneurs between the age of 18 and 25 years old.

Guest Profile: Inspiring entrepreneurs who started their journey at the age of 25 and under and believe in chasing fulfillment and balance not only their business life, but in their personal life as well.

Everything Speaks provides insight for young professionals and millennials looking to transition into the workplace. Hosted by Double Forte CEO, Lee Caraher, we dive into email etiquette, public speaking tips, work-life balance, and explore how a generation of young people are redefining the modern workplace.

Show Notes: Everything Speaks is posted once a week (42 episodes and counting). Each episode features an interview with an influential guest, as well as a 3-minute segment called “Millennial Minded” which takes a humorous approach to navigating the modern workplace.

Audience Size: 433 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Our listeners consist of millennials, young professionals and anyone looking to get ahead in their career.

Guest Profile: Everything Speaks guests are influential and can communicate their career narrative to a younger audience. We place an emphasis on delivering compelling information in a fun, digestible format. We’re not afraid to laugh! Notable guests include K.J. Dell’Antonia (columnist and contributing editor for The New York Times), Emily Drewry (social media editor for Forbes) and Shawn Murphy (author of the Optimistic Workplace).

New Theory Podcast just launched its podcast and interviewed a former Mafia member.

Audience Profile: Millennials, age 21-37.

Audience Size: 10,000 per podcast.

Guest Profile: We are looking for millennial movers and shakers who are making an impact. Business, Lifestyle, Art, Fashion, Beauty and Health are our main areas of coverage as cater to the mature millennial.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and Bill Gates weren't the only Successful Dropouts. Listen to the only podcast in the world that features weekly interviews with inspiring and successful individuals who dropped out of school to pursue their business, idea, or dream job. Get actionable advice on how to create your own path and succeed in business and in life without a college degree. This podcast is for the rebels, the outliers, the innovators—those who dare to dream and act on their dreams.

Show Notes: Two episodes per week releasing on Mondays and Fridays. Monday episodes feature interviews with Successful Dropouts, while Friday episodes are shorter and consist of actionable advice and takeaways with host Kylon Gienger. Each episode explores what it takes to succeed in business and in life outside of formal education, and how to do life on your own terms and forge your own path despite the status quo.

Audience size: 1,500 to 2,000 unique listeners and 20,000 downloads this month. Growing organically by 50-75% each month.

Audience Profile: High school students, college students, young entrepreneurs, all ages 16-25.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for successful and inspiring individuals who dropped out of school to pursue their business, idea, or dream job. Rebels, outliers, contrarians, doers, forward thinkers. Anyone with a strong opinion and experience in entrepreneurship and/or education.

Get Caught up with ’Tis & Tiff is a podcast where two millennials discuss topical issues, reflect, and try to navigate this thing called adulthood. For our Adulting 101 segment we talk to other millennials about how they are doing this thing called life and share wisdom with the masses. Past interview include the founder of the Drinklynk app, a Celebrity Make up Artist, and a dynamic group of millennial public health professionals that want you to know Black Health Matters!

Audience size: 500 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Our audience is later millennials, ages 26-34, who are really getting into

the thick of adulting. Our audience is small but growing daily.

Guest Profile: We are actively seeking guest who are millennials or in touch with a millennial audience to discuss a wide range of topics such as finances, first time home ownership, relationships, spirituality, wellness, health care, and career advancement.


Social Humans by Snapfluence provides the audience with a unique look into the lives of social media influencers. With a follower range of anywhere from ten thousand to upwards of three million, each guest speaks with host Taylor Weese about the journey from early days of social media exploration to their rise to internet stardom.

Show Notes: Social Humans is the podcast that takes you behind the scenes with your favorite social media creators to tell you where they came from, how they got here, and where they’re headed next. In season one, we picked the brains of 8 industry-leading social creators across diverse audiences and interests to learn about the unseen challenges and obstacles of life as an influencer. From their first art project as a young child to 5-figure deals with global brands, from the incredible joys of creating art for a living to the stress, fear, and tears of social pressure…Nothing is off-limits. Come join us as we peek behind the curtain of the social media machine.

Audience Size: 500 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Creative professionals and young media consumers who have an interest in social media. Along with marketers seeking relationships with these influencers for their campaigns.

Guest Profile: Currently seeking Social Media Influencers who have a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, or any other social network and a unique story to tell!

Show Notes: PR ChalkTalk interviews the media for a change. What makes them tick? What are their PR pet peeves? And most importantly, how can we get stories placed? The marketing, PR and media advice we provide is for everyone—whether you’re a newbie looking to get into the field, or a senior-level pro keeping up-to-date with current trends. Along the way, we learn about careers in the media to aid aspiring journalists. Not only does this podcast create a brand for media personalities, but it creates a stronger identity for Portland, Oregon, where we’re based, as well. Getting to talk with the movers and shakers in town gives our local listeners some well-deserved Portland pride! Hosted by Amy Rosenberg, President of a Portland PR agency, and Connor Laubenstein, one of those industry newbies, the show really is for all audiences and levels of experience.

Audience Size: 100-200/month (we release episodes every 2 weeks).

Audience Profile: Eager-to-learn marketing and PR professionals, journalists supporting their colleagues and business owners considering partnering with a PR agency.

Guest Profile: Our ideal guests are media personalities with compelling stories—and that is exactly who we get—journalists, editors, reporters and hosts that have paved their own career path, all with some chaos along the way!

It's time to get social with smart women. On this podcast, Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, channels her inner Beyonce as she talks with the female leaders who run the world. You'll hear women of all ages and stages talk about how they they've built their careers, and how they've used social media along the way. Previous guests have included Linda Boff, CMO of G.E., Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, Sandy Carter, VP of Amazon Web Services and Former General Manager Ecosystems & Startups at IBM and Aliza Licht, EVP Brand Marketing and Communications at alice + olivia and Former DKNY PR Girl.

Audience size: Over 1.2 million downloads to date.

Audience profile: Marketers of all levels including executives, female entrepreneurs and also

students wanting to work in the digital space.

Guest profile: Currently looking for experienced female digital marketers, entrepreneurs and authors with a knowledge of and passion for social media. Join us and become part of the All The Social Ladies network of professional women who are ambitious, accomplished and committed to helping each other—now almost 200 strong.

Podcast interviews are focused on inspirational stories by real women. Each interview highlights our #NoMeanGirls campaign where we bring awareness to anti-bullying in schools and the workplace. Each guest is asked about a mean girl experience and if it still happens now to adults.

Show Notes: Professional and business guests are interviewed by Sarah Webb and lifestyle guests are interviewed by Koula Budler. Guests are asked to share their personal stories of success, how they chose their path and how they are influencing others today.

Audience Size: 30,000 visitors per month on the website, over 500 unique downloads per month and growing (launched January 2017).

Audience Profile: Higher educated women, ages 35 -55, who experienced mean girl treatment or see bullying impacting their children and community.

Guest Profile: Successful business women, inspirational speakers, career coaches, individuals recovering from personal tragedy, travel experts, #NoMeanGirls and Reformed Mean Girls.

Career Relaunch is an inspirational podcast that helps you navigate the ups and downs of a career transition. Hosted by Career Change and Personal Branding Strategist Joseph Liu, each episode features informative, insightful interviews with people who have stepped off the beaten path in their careers to pursue more meaningful work. Learn from their unconventional career experiences and gain courage from their brave decisions. Career reinvention can be daunting, so Joseph and his guests are here to provide inspiration, companionship, and clarity as you relaunch your own career.

Show Notes: Each episode features an 20-30 minute interview with someone who has made a radical career change. Past guests have included an army sniper turned children’s magician, lawyer turned psychologist, and product marketer turned metal worker. Host Joseph Liu finishes each episode with a 3-5 minute Mental Fuel segment where he shares a brief personal story related to one of the topics and finishes with a challenge to help listeners move forward with their own career goals.

Audience size: 1,200 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Mid-level professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia (in that order) who yearn to do more meaningful work that matters. They also invest time and money when necessary to access the resources, skills, education, tools, or guidance to enable the next chapter of their career.

Guest Profile: Seeking well-spoken professionals who have made a major career change, especially those who have navigated some serious practical or emotional challenges along the way. Love interviewing a diversity of guests from different industries, geographies, and backgrounds who have a very unique career story, and still figuring things out.

The How Did I Get Here podcast explores the unconventional path to leadership. Host Justin Gray talks to some of today's most badass leaders about how they arrived where they are today. Discover how they overcame obstacles, navigated the detours, and learned to trust the journey.

Show Notes: In every episode, host Justin Gray talks with business leaders across a variety of industries, and their background and how they got to where they are today.

Audience size: 250-300 downloads per month.

Audience profile: Entrepreneurs, founders, business owners.

Guest profile: Looking for business leaders who have taken an unconventional path (and career pivots) to entrepreneurship.

Trailblazers, with the Aspen Institute's Walter Isaacson, is for anyone who loves great stories of change, disruption, and innovation. In particular, business leaders and executives will love it because each episode puts you in the shoes of the people who changed industries with their decisions and mindsets. This is not a show about interviewing thought-leaders—it's the inside stories of how industries were reinvented by daring trailblazers.

Show Notes: We launched the show in mid-March and there is a new episode every two weeks. We've made it into the Top 10 business podcasts in Apple Podcasts, with 40,00 plus subscribers. We've also made it into the Top 50 podcasts overall in Apple Podcasts. Episodes to date have been about: the movie industry and how it's been disrupted by Netflix; the photography industry, with an amazing story about how the digital camera was invented at Kodak in the 1970s and buried for 20 years; the fast food industry and how pizza companies have been digital innovators (did you know the first ecommerce sale on the internet ever was a pizza on something called PizzaNet?); the video game industry, where we talked with the founder of Atari & Pong, Nolan Bushnell; disruption and innovation in the newspaper business—we've got amazing stories from the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, and it's a really fantastic story about an industry that has gone through a number of huge challenges.

Audience Size: 40,000 plus subscribers.

Audience Profile: CEOs, CIOs, and other senior business decision makers.

Guest Profile: We feature guests who have been in senior leadership roles inside companies and industries that have been disrupted. We are looking for stories of digital transformation and innovation and are looking to get inside the heads of the people who made the key decisions that changed their company or industry (for better or for worse).

The STEMxm Podcast brings women role models in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into the limelight. Each episode walks listeners through a STEM guest's career path, highlighting how a listener could also pursue a career in that realm. STEMxm is a great resource for learning about the various careers in STEM, but it also shares inspiring stories of women who have overcome challenges to succeed in what are often competitive, male-dominated environments.

Show Notes: The typical STEMxm episode format is a one-on-one interview with a professional woman scientist, technologist, engineer, or mathematician. Occasional deviations are made for special topics like Episode 16, which featured a panel discussion with two women engineers featured in the documentary film, Dream Big. STEMxm guests share their stories about how they found their career path and lessons they've learned along the way. Most also share the advice they have for students interested in their fields.

Audience size: 200-300 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: HS/college students interested in STEM subjects and careers, and young professionals interested in inspiring stories of women in STEM.

Guest Profile: Women working in STEM fields with 5 or more years of experience.

Crazy Good Turns is a nonprofit podcast that tells stories about people who do amazing things for others. In each episode, host Brad Shaw shares the vivid backstories of nonprofits, interviewing the people behind them—delving into their history, motivations for the work they do, and the people they have helped along the way. Former CEO Frank Blake and COO Brad Shaw of The Home Depot created Crazy Good Turns when they realized that they could help ignite change and inspire people to give back through the power of storytelling. Brad retired from The Home Depot in April 2015 after more than 10 years as the company's vice president and chief communications officer. Frank Blake, former CEO of The Home Depot, left in 2014. Now in its second season, the podcast has already seen incredible growth, and much of it is due to Frank and Brad's expertise in storytelling from their years as corporate executives.

Show Notes: Each episode of Crazy Good Turns is about 20 minutes long, with new episodes released every other week. In each new episode, the podcast highlights a different nonprofit and its backstory—typically interviewing the founder and an additional person who has been impacted by the nonprofit's work. Each episode also includes music from up-and-coming artists, and a Spotify playlist of the songs to listen to afterwards.

Audience Profile: Storytellers and story lovers, people in the nonprofit sector, music enthusiasts, inspiration seekers, families, etc.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for nonprofits that have a very compelling backstory and are making a difference.

The Right-Brain Geek podcast helps coaches, healers, and artists upgrade their mindset about business to create a sustainable business that encompass their values.

Show Notes: The show highlights passionate small businesses or leaders who have overcome challenges, created a business that is strongly rooted in their values or helped challenge classic points of view on money or business practices. Our guest have passion. The tone is relaxed and friendly.

Audience Size: 100 to 1,400 listeners per episode.

Audience profile: Women or a person identifying as such, 35 and up. Those setting up a business or amending one. Single mothers unsupported by their family; she is proud, doesn’t like to bother her network and ask for help, she’s got a big desire to create something that matters but an equal fear of tech. Something in her mindset prevents her from reaching her potential and developing her business to its fullest capacity.

Guest profile: We accept a variety of guests but there’s one thing they all have in common: Guests can be a specialist who can explain something technical in a fun way, CEO of a social enterprise, professionals who overcame a big challenge, or someone that has infused his business with his values or an unexpected twist. Someone who is useful because of his/her knowledge or is inspiring because of putting kindness and soul in the boardroom of his/her business.

Life lessons for finding certainty in uncertain situations. Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL Jeff Boss shares inspiring life lessons on how to navigate change, unpredictability, and chaos along with actionable steps to help you grow as person, as a team, and as a business.

Show Notes: Each episode shares insights and practical tips on how to navigate change and thrive. Jeff shares personal stories and interviews high achievers from all walks of life, ranging from single supermoms who do it all to CEOs and former professional athletes. Listeners are encouraged to partake in weekly Five Minute Friday episodes that are conducted live, to offer feedback, ask questions, or suggest new topics.

Audience Size: 5,000 plus unique visitors per month.

Audience Profile: Entrepreneurs, change management practitioners and leadership gurus looking for new and inspiring perspectives and strategies for how to embrace chaos.

Guest Profile: Guests should have an inspiring story for how they manage and overcome "chaos" on a daily basis—where chaos is defined as unexpected change. Past guests have ranged from a single mother of two who works full time, volunteers and boxes, to the CEO of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Mike DeFrino, to 7-year NFL player and Superbowl champion Ryan Nece.

“Stories of people who stand for something.” The Classy Podcast tells the stories of today’s leading founders and executives in the social sector, such as the changemakers from places like Girls Who Code, Upworthy, FEED, GE Foundation, and Heifer International. Each week, the Classy team unlocks their founding stories to inspire the next generation that is mobilized to drive change.

Show Notes: Each episode explores a professional and personal journey through candid conversations with founders and executives in the social sector. Leaders share the path they took to get where they are today, the mentors, friends, and family members that advised them, and the moments that changed their trajectory. Interviewees are asked for their leadership and business advice so that listeners can rely on unique key learnings and actionable insights to apply to their own personal or professional lives.

Audience Size: 3,000-4,000 listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Nonprofit leaders and professionals, individuals interested in the social sector, social entrepreneurs, for-profit entrepreneurs, students, academia, professionals, and business owners.

Guest Profile: Founders, executives, and directors at nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and social enterprise or corporate social responsibility c-level leadership

WeFest founder, prolific angel investor, and blogger Joanne Wilson (aka the Gotham Gal), has long been a champion of the female entrepreneur. Her latest venture brings you weekly conversations with women who have built business that are changing the status quo—in a podcast!

Show Notes: The podcast goes live each Monday with interviews that span failures, mistakes, triumphs—nothing is off the table in these frank discussions about business, life, love, and

everything in between. They’re short, sweet, and totally invaluable.

Audience Size: 2,500 unique listeners per month and growing.

Audience profile: Peers, professionals, and hopeful entrepreneurs of all career stages from over 50 countries across the world. The majority of our audience is located in the United States, and we assume that many of them are women, but you never know...

Guest profile: Women who are building things—be it a business or a brand. Women who are investors, inventors, tastemakers, artists, rule breakers, and game changers.

Created and hosted by filmmaker Virginia Anzengruber, Super Hungry the Podcast features hilarious, intimate conversations with real, working artists you should know about. They’re hustling hard, making it work, and still super hungry for their art.

Show Notes: Each episode is an informal conversation with working artists of many different backgrounds including acting, filmmaking, music, painting, writing, and journalism. Virginia brings her wry and unique point of view to each conversation, allowing the guest to feel comfortable enough to talk about the realities of the lives of working artists—the good, the bad, and the hilariously relatable.

Audience Size: 450-600 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Artists, comedians, filmmakers, musicians, art lovers, aspiring artists.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range of artists who make most or all of their income from practicing their art form. All disciplines welcome.

This Nashville Life, started by country singer/songwriter, Kelleigh Bannen, gives listeners an inside look into what it means to be in the music industry in Nashville. Her guests have ranged from record label executives, who detail what they look for in new artists, to some of the most successful songwriters in town.

Show Notes: Kelleigh pulls back the curtain on the mystic on Music City through compelling interviews with prominent players in town. She is currently working on Season 3.

Audience Size: Average 2,000 listeners.

Audience Profile: Music industry professionals, music city hopefuls, rising musicians, young professionals, young professionals looking to advance in the music industry, country music fans, and students.

Guest Profile: Music industry professional.

Black Girl Podcast is an audio series created by five black women in the field of entertainment—Scottie Beam (@scottiebeam,) Gia Peppers (@giapeppers), Sapphira (@sapphiraem), Bex (@blvckdaria), and Alysha P (@AlyshaP819/@AlyshaP)—who met and became friends at hip hop's most iconic station, Hot 97. The five of them decided to take their transparent conversations about life, sisterhood, pop culture, love, sex, dating and the pursuit of their dreams to the public platform. Their surprisingly differing opinions on life and experiences lead them to understand themselves—and the world around them—just a little bit better. Laugh, cry and learn with five women who are courageous enough to unpack the messiness behind their magic.

Audience Size: 34,000 downloads per month and growing.

Audience Profile: 18-35 year-old men and women.

Guest Profile: African American millennial women

Learn how to go from Artist to Creative Entrepreneur from other successful artist and entrepreneurs. You've worked hard to hone your art skills, now take it to the next level as you discover the tips, techniques, strategies and habits that other artists have used to help them grow and market their businesses, start companies, or change careers.

Show Notes: Each episode explores a different relevant art and business topic through

fresh conversations with a variety of influential and knowledgeable figures, from musicians, authors, dancers, artists, painters, writers, singer/songwriters, actors, designers and leaders within the creative economy.

Audience Size: 800-1,200 unique listeners a month and growing.

Audience Profile: Artists, musicians, moms, college students, writers, painters, opera

singers, actors, photographers, singer/songwriters, dancers, authors, designers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range of creatives who want to tell the story

of their journey and how they've used their artistic background to their advantage.

Private jeweler and diamond expert Dan Moran is well-known for his different approach to buying a diamond and designing an engagement ring. He works with clients from all over the world and has been featured in Bridal Guide Magazine, Brides, Modern Luxury, The Huffington Post, Women’s Health and more.

Show Notes: Moran is dedicated to creating lifelong relationships with his clients. He wants to be their friend and advocate in an often-intimidating industry, educating them about diamonds and gemstones, and custom-crafting diamond engagement rings and other jewelry for every occasion of their lives. As a concierge fine jeweler, Moran sources diamonds and gemstones, metals, watches, and other items from his personal network of trusted wholesalers, and works one-on-one with each client at the location they choose; as a result, clients benefit from both high value and exceptional pricing—often at half of traditional retail. Whether clients are seeking unique wedding rings, custom engagement rings, or custom diamond jewelry, earrings or a pendant, Moran shares his knowledge and offers multiple options, ultimately creating the best piece of jewelry for each individual. Additionally, Moran’s unique upgrade policy allows clients to trade in any of their Concierge Diamonds’ custom creations for a new setting or a larger diamond. The Moran family has been in the business for decades, specializing in diamond cutting, import/export, and designing and manufacturing custom designed jewelry.

Audience Size: Small-medium—off the record!

Audience Profile: Men and women ages 22-50 in the market for an engagement ring.

Guest Profile: We accept a variety of guest including diamond experts, jewelers, brides and grooms (both prospective and newlywed) as well as fashion and jewelry experts.

The EBR Podcast helps women through breakups and helps them decide whether they want to get him back or simply move on. We do this by bringing in a variety of relationship experts, psychologists, media personalities and answering some of the most burning questions that our listeners have!

Audience Size: 22,000 unique listeners per month.

Audience Profile: Women between the ages of 24 and 35 who have experienced

a recent breakup or are simply interested in dating advice.

Guest Profile: We accept a wide variety of guests including individuals who have recently gone through a breakup, relationship experts, therapists, psychologists or other trained professionals whose skill sets can relate to people experiencing a breakup.

The Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast offers an in-depth (and often humorous) look at some of the main situations affecting travel in the 21st century. From the value of points and miles, credit cards, and even Open Skies, the problems and solutions to today's travel issues are discussed weekly by leading travel bloggers, including Joe Cheung of Asthejoeflies, Trevor of Tagging Miles, and Joe Cortez of Frugal Travel Guy.

Show Notes: Every episode focuses on one or two connected issues that affect frequent travelers as they happen in real time. A brief explanation of the situation is introduced, with each of the three hosts approaching a solution from a different perspective, including family travel, luxury travel, economy travel, and travel policy. The goal is to help frequent travelers understand how situations from Open Skies to airline miles program devaluation affects them, and how to find solutions around them.

Audience size: 500-700 unique listeners each month.

Audience Profile: The podcast primarily caters to frequent travelers from across the United States, including points and miles travelers, family travelers, couples, solo travelers, credit card mileage collectors, and those who want to increase their personal travels for a low price.

Guest Profile: The Saverocity Observation Deck welcomes guests who have a unique perspective on collecting points, collecting miles, or overall travel. Previous guests on the program include The Airfare Watchdog, those who manage resale stores as a side gig, travel agents, Disney Parks experts, credit card experts, and other destination experts (Las Vegas, Orlando, etc).

A bi-weekly podcast that explores the experiences and perspectives of black women who love to travel.

Show Notes: Each episode includes hilariously candid discussions featuring prominent leaders in the black travel community. Previous guests include Tracey Coleman (@bktraveladdict), Jessica Nabongo (@jnambowa) and Teri Johnson (@travelistateri). Necessary Baggage offers listeners inspiring and compelling stories pertaining to the black travel experience. In addition to sharing honest testimonies and firsthand experiences, guests also provide practical tips and advice to help support the audience’s personal travel aspirations and goals.

Audience size: 500-700 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: African American travelers, entrepreneurs, young adults.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for travel influencers and experts.

The Workationing Podcast follows Kari and Kelly, two digital nomads in the digital marketing space who are working while traveling the world, accomplishing personal and professional goals, as well as crossing an item off of their bucket list each stop along the way. The focus is intentional living and maximizing your potential, showing listeners what they can accomplish if they're able to untether their lives and truly live and work from anywhere. The Workationing Podcast is inspirational, informative and entertaining.

Show Notes: Each location is broken down into several podcast episodes: the local flavor of the area, where the ladies went wrong (and right) with their travels, and how they stay safe and focused on accomplishing goals. The audience is invited to come along on the adventures, and learn from Kari and Kelly's mistakes (learning the hard way while traveling is not ideal).

Audience size: 2,500 listeners per month.

Audience profile: Digital nomads, perpetual travelers, expats and those interested in learning more about the digital nomad lifestyle. If you've always wanted to travel for an extended period of time, this is the podcast for you!

Guest profile: Currently seeking guests who are successful digital nomads, as well as experts in time management and life optimization.

Airplane Mode is the podcast from Away that brings together travelers from all over the world to explore the reasons we travel and the places we find along the way. Focusing on one aspect of travel in each episode (such as food, wellness, life as an expat, or adventure travel), host Will Warren seeks out people whose lives have led them around the world and back again. Season 1 includes conversations with fashion blogger and bestselling author Garance Dore about emigrating to the Unites States, Stone Fox Bride founder Molly Guy on the impact motherhood has had on her travels, a young couple running a bed and breakfast in Jamaica, and a woman who left everything to move to Nepal and train sherpas.

Show Notes: In every episode, we’ll share tips on how to travel well anywhere—how to find the best places to eat in any city, how to strike up conversations with strangers when you’re traveling alone, the best places to stay in Ireland, and the yoga studios worth planning a trip to Uruguay for. Through these trips, conversations, and personal stories, we navigate what it means to travel well—from the first thought to get away, to the feeling of walking back through your own door. It’s a mindset, a phone setting, and a way of seeing the world. This is Airplane Mode.

Audience Size: Small-medium—specifics are off the record!

Audience Profile: Frequent travelers, and those aspiring. We have a broad range of listeners, with a large millennial focus.

Guest Profile: We’re always looking for interesting guests from all walks of life, with various interesting travel experiences.

Prepare to be titillated, Harry Potter fans, because The Potterotica Podcast is here—featuring horned-up fantasies, beloved characters, and a heavy dose of comedic commentary. Didn't know erotic Harry Potter fan fiction existed? Neither did hosts and HP fangirls and fanboy Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush and Danny Chapman...until now.

Show Notes: In each episode, Allie, Lyndsay, and Danny read and discuss a hot and steamy chapter from an erotic Harry Potter fan fiction story. Join them as they explore and freak out over the (wet and) wild world of Potterotica.

Audience Size: 1,200+ unique listeners per episode. (We've had 20,000+ so far and we just launched in mid-Jan!)

Audience Profile: Comedy buffs, Harry Potter fanatics, fanfic enthusiasts, and friends they've forced into listening.

Guest Profile: No guests, just us goons.

Beltway Banthas is a bi-weekly Star Wars podcast about the intersection of fandom and the things that drive daily life. For hosts Stephen Kent and Swara Salih, one of those things is politics. Star Wars draws from our world’s politics just as much as it contributes to it by influencing policymakers, journalists and thought leaders. We seek to understand that dynamic and in doing so unite all types of political and Star Wars fans for the most enriching discussion they'll find in this or any other galaxy.

Show Notes: We seek to use the Star Wars saga as a tool for political science and political analysis. Mainly we do this by exploring the political parallels between the saga and our real world, and by exploring anything else in that intersection between politics and Star Wars. We have explored the political origins of the Separatists and the real life parallels the Empire has with other dictatorships, discussed the dynamics of galactic trade, the origins or rebellion in both Star Wars and the real world, and various other subjects. We also regularly interview politicians, journalists, pollsters, and others working in politics who are fans of Star Wars, and explore how the saga has shaped their own political understanding.

Audience size: 600-800 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Students, journalists, politicians, bloggers, podcasters, and virtually anyone with an interest in politics and Star Wars.

Guest Profile: Politicians, journalists, bloggers, fellow Star Wars fans and podcasters, and anyone with a keen interest in the intersection between Star Wars and politics.

Liberty is a series of fictional fully-voiced audio drama shows within an original sci-fi universe that feature immersive sound effects. When you're listening you will truly feel like you're in the show as trains pass by overhead. Grounded more in science than fiction, each episode is an adventure into the unknown.

Show Notes: Critical Research is a continuous story arc that follows an ethnographic researcher as he studies an amoral society. Tales from the Tower is a serialized horror podcast showcasing technological and psychological tales of terror. Vigilance is a developing story arc that follows detectives on a missing person's case that uncovers a larger conspiracy.

Audience size: 50,000 downloads a month, increasing at a rate of 5%-10% each month. Audience Profile: 65% female, 35% male, mostly between ages 18-40. 75% of the audience is from the US, 8% from the UK, and 8% from Canada.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for voice actors from around the world capable of recording in their own home studios for leading and supporting roles. We are also seeking guest horror writers for Tales from the Tower.

Nerdy Show, the flagship podcast of The Nerdy Show Network, takes on all facets of the nerd universe: films, video games, comics, science and technology, and every medium and genre in-between. The hosts, led by Consequence of Sound's Cap Blackard, share their deepest geeky passions in hilarious discussions that entice and inform as often as they take surreal twists and turns.

Show Notes: The weekly program cycles between roundtable episodes that explore the latest happenings in the nerd world, and every other week shifts format to tackle a single-subject discussion, either pooling a roster of expert hosts or a dedicated interview with a prominent figure in their respective industry (film directors, musicians, action scientists, etc). Discussions go deeper than shameless hype and offer thoughtful criticism, exciting stories, and a wealth of perspective-broadening conversations.

Audience size: 10,000+ unique downloads/ listeners a month.

Audience Profile: Cinephiles, comic geeks, science lovers, bookish sorts, gamers, role players, and pop culture enthusiasts of all walks of life.

Guest Profile: Authors, artists, makers, and musicians from game design, comics, film, television, and sci-tech who wear their nerdy passions on their sleeves and are creating something awesome.

History Personified is a podcast that enables listeners to walk a mile in the shoes of history. Hosted by Phil Lanides, the show's episodes cover historical topics from the worlds of sports, the military, politics, and the Old West, as well as everything in between.

Show Notes: Each episode is around 30-45 minutes, and features a Q&A with a guest SME such as a respected author or journalist discussing a historical topic. From time to time, the person that lived the history is interviewed—such as in episodes on the New Deal, as well as the career of pro wrestler Lex Luger—and their firsthand knowledge sheds greater insight on the topic at hand.

Audience size: 7,000-9,000 downloads/month and growing.

Audience Profile: The podcast is family-friendly, so anyone interested in history is a potential listener. The audience is made up of parents, students, adults, children, and history buffs of all ages.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for history book authors, journalists who have covered or written about historical topics, biographers, and historical figures.

Chasing Justice is a podcast powered by The JUSTICE Conference. The hope of this podcast is to create a cross tribal listenership as we engage in spotlighting justice issues concerning our nation and the greater global good of humankind. Although the program is anchored in our faith in God, our intent is not for the podcast to be preachy. We want to explore ideas, methods, and philosophies that are worth considering as we fight for right.

Audience Size: An expansive listenership that is available in more than 6 countries, reaching beyond 2 million unique listeners per year.

Audience Profile: The target audience is 25-40 years old, geared towards both men and women interested in social justice issues touching various professions—artists, entrepreneurs, educators, executives and activists.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for guests that are experts in social justice and/or are passionate about societal and cultural issues. Our guest are familiar with speaking on various sectors from Race and Education, Politics, Global Poverty, and Immigration and Refugees.

Every day, many individuals and organizations are doing great work to create a better world. The Champions for Social Good podcast brings together these thought leaders and practitioners in the social good movement to share learnings, educate and inspire change across the sector. Hosted by Jamie Serino, Director of Marketing, Blackbaud (MicroEdge division). MicroEdge, a division of Blackbaud, empowers results-focused giving for corporations, foundations and today’s champions for social good.

Show Notes: Each episode explores a different relevant topic in the social good sector through conversations with influencers, executives and sector leaders. Past topics have included impact investing, health philanthropy, corporate volunteerism, gender data and equality, leadership, and catalyzing community change through partnerships, to name a few. Each episode is designed to educate people about a specific topic and to provide actionable advice they can take back into their own jobs and lives as they work to make the world a better place.

Audience Size: 400-600 unique listeners a month.

Audience Profile: CSR professionals, foundation professionals, nonprofit professionals, and individual change-makers.

Guest Profile: Currently looking for a wide range of executives, influencers and practitioners across the social good sector; particular topics of interest include philanthropy in minority communities, employee giving programs, shared value, cause advocacy, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is a story of anarchy—but not in the UK. Anarchy in PA and in New York. There's more mischief, mayhem and murder in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection than William Penn would have ever imagined. TwistedPhilly podcast offers true crime, haunted history, and legends plus some of the coolest and creepiest places to visit from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Host Deana Marie, a lifelong suburban Philadelphia native, shares her unique local perspective, filled with incredible passion for her city. She's a storyteller who gets personal and isn't afraid to show her Philly attitude, laugh and cry with listeners.

Show Notes: Episodes are released weekly and each episode is between 30-45 minutes in length (average.) Each episode is different. Some episodes include special guests and interviews from around Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, including authors, advocates, journalists and business owners. Others include segments from particular locations in the city. All offer informal yet deeply researched, unscripted storytelling as Deana Marie brings her listeners into her world—as if they're sharing a cocktail and swapping stories.

Audience Size: 35,000-40,000 listeners/month.

Audience Profile: Multi generational, multi cultural, fans of true crime, history, ghost stories, male/female.

Guest Profile: Someone with a story from Philadelphia or Pennsylvania, or with an interesting connection to those areas. (Like Will Smith—can you help!?)

On Inside the Women of Denver we feature expert insights from Denver leaders, along with local and national stories about women making an impact in their community.

Audience Size: Our podcast is just a few weeks old and has over 100 downloads.

Audience Profile: Our audience includes professional women in the Denver, Colorado area and

national listeners all over the country.

Guest Profile: Our guests are experts in their field who can share a recent win, or new and innovative expert tip that will inspire action from our listeners. Priority guests will be those in the state of Colorado or whose projects and initiatives will impact the Colorado community in some way. Other guests (male and female) will be considered who have a great story impacting women.

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