'Digital Darkroom' Shows Dazzling Merging Of Art And Technology (PHOTOS)

Dazzling Photos Of Alternate Realities

Photography was used to capture a moment in time, to document the truth. Technology too, began as a means to further scientific truth-seeking, to make humans more accurate, more precise. Both aim to better capture reality. So when photography and technology merge ... why are the results so insanely bizarre?

The current exhibition at the Annenberg Space For Photography is called 'Digital Darkroom' and features 80 photographs, each presenting its own alternate reality. The photos are all by 17 artists from around the world. Not enough for you? Fear not, hundreds of additional images will play on two high-resolution screens in the Digital Gallery.

The warped images range from funny to surreal to downright horrifying (see: the egg faces to the left.) The collection shows the astounding abilities and accomplishments of technology and the strange things people choose to do with this power.

'Digital Darkroom' will show at the Annenberg Space For Photography until May 28, 2012. Go see the weirdness for yourself.

Digital Darkroom

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