Digital Devices Detract From Sleep

According to a recent report from the Pew Internet Life and American Life project, four out of five American teenagers don't go to bed alone. That's right -- they sleep with their cellphones.

The Washington Post has more on this bad romance:

Some keep it under the pillow, to awaken for late-night texts. Others use the built-in alarm to wake up. "This device has become a communication and often entertainment hub in their lives," says Pew researcher Amanda Lenhart, a coauthor of the report, which showed more than one in four teens now access the Internet by cellphone and 54 percent record video. Six in 10 play music.

Another report in the Washington Post states that such "digital diversions" as cellphones and computers are eating into teens' sleep time. Despite the fact that 90 percent of parents believe their teenage offspring are sleeping for a decent number of hours each night, experts report that 80 percent of adolescents aren't making the sleep grade.

Experts recommend that teens get 8.5 to nine hours of sleep a night. How much sleep do you get? Weigh in below.