Digital Retouching Is Getting Out of Control

The young and super talented Hungarian singer, Boggie, does not only reveal her new track but also her secret digital make-up in her latest video. It carries a somewhat deep message about how women are nowadays perceived by the public.

But hasn't retouching been a part of photography and cinematography for hundreds of years? Working in advertising and creating inspirational images have made me biased to a certain extent. Aren't we all naturally attracted to beautiful images? So, how much retouching is too much? More importantly, should someone be blamed for the upcoming generation's deformed perceptions of beauty, created by the advertising industry to meet customer demand?

Having said that, I believe that extremity leads to danger in all parts of life, not only in image alterations. Discussing this issue is, by all means, healthy. After all, everybody sees life through different lenses. Illusions are illusions and a reality check is important every now and then.

At the end of the day, it is good for women to learn how to apply the right amount of make up, be it real or digital.

Just think about it!