Dillon Francis Accuses Katy Perry Of Stealing 'Roar' Music Video From His 'Messages'

Katy Perry can't seem to catch a break on her new single "Roar." The 28-year-old singer released the first cut off of her upcoming album "Prism" on Saturday, and the track was immediately the subject of harsh criticism.

Over the weekend, audiences noticed striking similarities between Perry's "Roar" and an earlier Sara Bareilles track called "Brave." While Perry has not commented on the comparisons, Bareilles kept her response short, writing, "All love, everybody. All love."

Unfortunately for Perry, the accusations of plagiarism didn't stop there. EDM producer Dillon Francis took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to call out Perry for her lyric video to "Roar," as he felt she stole the concept for the clip from his video to a song called "Messages," featuring Simon Lord. (Warning: Tweets contain NSFW language.)

Both videos use text messages to write out the lyrics in the songs and highlight emojis, albeit in different ways. Francis' video uses the emojis as a background for the texts; they are used to write out lyrics only in the song's title. Perry's take uses the emojis in place of words for the song's lyrics. (Neither artist, it should be noted, invented communicating with emojis.)

Check out Perry's video for "Roar" above and Francis' visuals for "Messages" below and judge the similarities for yourself.

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