Shout 'Dilly Dilly' At The Masters And You'll Be Thrown Out On Your Can

Officials won't dilly-dally enforcing a ban on yelling the Bud Light catch-phrase.

To combat disruptive fan behavior at golf tournaments, the Masters has banned spectators from yelling the Bud Light catch phrase “Dilly Dilly,” Bryce Ritchie of the golf site reported.

Ritchie wrote that someone working security for golf’s first major of the year, which begins Thursday, told him that personnel at host site Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia received a sheet of prohibited words and phrases that should result in a spectator’s immediate ejection if shouted.

One of them is “Dilly! Dilly!” from Bud Light’s successful ad campaign that features a king and his subjects using the phrase as an affirmation or toast of sorts.

Security guards later confirmed to that “Dilly Dilly” is indeed on the list.

For years, fans have yelled “baba booey,” “in the hole,” and other exclamations after players shoot. “Dilly Dilly” recently became part of the gallery lexicon.

Of course, the beer brand turned the ban ― Masters’ officials did not immediately respond to a HuffPost request for comment ― into a marketing opportunity. It sent 1,000 “Dilly Dilly” shirts to the tournament.

We’re thinking those will be plenty loud enough.

This story has been updated with confirmation of the ban by

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