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10 Dark Photos Of Disney Princesses That Don't Wind Up Happily Ever After


Sorry kids, but we have some bad news. Your favorite Disney princesses -- yes, the ones you sang with, rooted for, and dressed up as for Halloween -- well, they aren't doing too well. Belle went under the knife, Snow White has been trapped in suburbia and Ariel is currently imprisoned in an aquarium.

These are just some of the twisted, not-so-happy endings from conceptual artist Dina Goldstein, whose series "Fallen Princesses" has us reaching for our childhood blankies. Ranging from the dark and cheeky to the seriously morbid, Goldstein's alternative endings will forever change the way you think of your favorite princess.

See Goldstein's 10 most traumatizing Disney princess meltdowns below and if that's not enough for you, check out Goldstein's other series, in which Barbie discovers that Ken is gay. We recommend you keep the kids far from Goldstein's work unless you want to answer lots of questions.

1. Snow White


2. Ariel


3. Belle


4. Jasmine


5. Cinderella


6. Princess and the Pea


7. Little Red Riding Hood


8. Pocahontas


9. Sleeping Beauty


10. Rapunzel


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