Dina Habib Powell, Goldman Sachs Foundation President, Talks About Expansion Of 10,000 Small Businesses Program (VIDEO)

WATCH: Providing Small Business Owners With A Springboard To Success

On Thursday, Goldman Sachs Foundation President Dina Habib Powell joined HuffPost Live to discuss the organization's 10,000 Small Businesses Program, a philanthropic initiative designed to stimulate economic growth by providing support to entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country.

Powell said that in the three years the program has been running, nearly 70 percent of graduates have reported revenue growth, and around half are creating a net gain in jobs. These numbers are the result of a model that focuses on three proven tools: pragmatic business education, access to capital, and support services. These services consist of providing networking opportunities, personalized business advice, and technical assistance.

She also announced an expansion of the program -- from 14 location-specific classes to one that recruits from all across the country. Now, anyone from any part of the nation can apply to become a 10K Small Businesses scholar.

"A huge part of what is working now is harnessing this extraordinary passion and drive of immigrant small business owners [and] small business owners across the country who are saying, 'We need just a little bit of help,'" Powell said.

Watch the full segment above to learn more.

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