Dina Lohan Attempting To Make Son Michael A Star

Dina Lohan Hoping To Land Son Academy Award?

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina doesn’t care that people are making fun of her dreams to turn son Michael into a star. She is determined to raise the $5 million dollars it will take to produce a movie, with Michael nabbing the starring role.

“If I listened to [what] all the negative people say I’d be a jealous person like they are,” Lohan tells me. “Success is the best revenge and please print that!”

Lohan confirmed that she is producing a film called "Growing Defiant" that will star her son. The business plan that Dina has been sending prospective investors made its way into the hands of TMZ who reported that the Long Island mom needs to get her hands on $5.28 million to shoot the R-rated film.

“It’s a film about a young kid that makes the wrong choices in life and goes down some wrong roads because of peer pressure and hanging out with the wrong group of friends,” a friend of Lohan’s tells me. “It’s a small independent film that Dina hopes big time stars will want to be part of because she thinks it has Oscar potential and could absolutely be the little movie like 'Boys Don’t Cry' that gets its lead every award that season.”

But one person who will not be appearing in the film is daughter, Lindsay.

“This is Dina’s moment to turn her son into a star,” an insider tells me.

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