Alligator Casually Tries To Ring The Doorbell

You're not fooling anyone, alligator.

Guess he didn't read the "no solicitors" sign.

An alligator apparently tired of the pond life attempted to see how the other half lives Monday morning. The reptile may have rung the doorbell of a house in Monck's Corner, South Carolina.

Gary Rogers says he was walking his dog when he spied the gator wandering around as well.

"The gator was not aggressive at all," Rogers said, according to ABC News.

He said that the gator looked like it was attempting to climb over a fence into a backyard pool, but then "it went over to the house...up around the doorbell."

Homeowner Jamie Bailey doesn't know if the gator actually rang her bell, but it did leave plenty of scratches on the door.

"You can see where he was scratching all around the door here. And then there. And then you can see the scratches on the knob itself," Bailey told

Bailey was working when she found out about the gator.

"I thought it was a joke. And the first picture she sent me was from over here. And I couldn't see it on the porch. And then they sent me the video front on and I was in disbelief. Couldn't believe it," Bailey said. "I mean who would have thought -- an alligator!"

The gator spent about an hour in the neighborhood before crawling back to the woods.

Locals are used to gators this time of year because young males are moving out on their own and are fighting for territory, according to Jay Butfiloski, S.C. Department of Natural Resources alligator program coordinator.

“Often alligators decide they want to be somewhere else and may take a fairly direct route to another water body,”Butfiloski told The Post and Courier. “Unfortunately, in many situations, the animal kind of gets caught in an area where it has a hard time finding a way to get back to the water.”

Bailey told ABC News4 that she's seen gators in the neighborhood, but they've never actually rang the bell.

"I told my husband earlier I said we're going to get a gator crossing sign -- and we're putting it in the front yard," she said.