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Split The Check With These iPhone Apps

Going out to dinner with friends is fun and all, until... they bring the check. The arrival of the check is the dissolution of the mirage -- the mirage being that we're not frugal, we're not effusive, or that we make just as much money as our friends. Close friendships can be strained by this simple monetary transaction.

There's always someone who suggests we split the check evenly ("That's fine with you right?" says the person who ordered not one, but three cocktails). Or someone has to go to the bathroom when the check appears.

And when the check does get exactly divided, there are the split appetizers to calculate, the tip -- pre or post tax? -- to figure out, so on and so on. It really takes a lot of the fun out of this experience (because if you want to have any say in how the check is divvied, you're probably the one who gets stuck making the calculations).

Well, technology is here to save you again. No need to figure out that simple arithmitic with a brain fogged from wine, let your iPhone do it for you with these five great split the check apps.

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Split The Check iPhone Apps