Dinner Plans In Atlanta Just Got Easier

Atlanta is certainly the south’s best dining city, and with so many great places to choose from you would think getting a table at dinner without a crazy wait would be easy. But with city residents and business travelers all fighting for space at Atlanta’s most popular eateries, wait times can get a little crazy and a reservation may be hard to come by. That’s where Reserve, a new premier reservation technology platform, is stepping in.

Already thriving in major foodie cities across the country such as Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, Reserve is looking to change we way we think about reservations. What makes it so different? Well, for one, Reserve has a unique system powered by an algorithm no other platform has, which helps to minimize dead space and make room for more diners. Plus its table management system details the dining experience for restaurants down to the diner, giving the best experience possible for all parties.

This makes it easy to grab a table at some of Atlanta best restaurants like Double Zero, Noble Fin, all Kevin Rathbun concepts, and the new C. Ellet’s Steakhouse which just recently opened. So beat the crowd and download the Reserve app now, available for iOS and coming soon to Android.

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