What's For Dinner When Kim Jong Un Meets South Korean President Moon Jae-in

Bibimbap made with greens from the DMZ, anyone?

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in meet for their summit on Friday, they will dine on cold noodles made by a special machine and a fried potato dish from Kim’s youth, officials announced.

Preparations are being finalized for the first meeting between the two leaders, which is set to take place within the Demilitarized Zone, the heavily fortified border that separates their countries. Seoul’s presidential Blue House announced the menu for the summit this week, and each course appears to carry significant meaning emblematic of the region.

Dishes include staples from the hometowns of three South Korean presidents, a potato rosti that is meant to pay homage to the time Kim spent studying in Switzerland and a bibimbap made with greens grown in the DMZ.

The cold noodle dish, called naengmyun, will be made by one of Pyongyang’s star chefs. He and his staff will use a noodle-making machine to create the dish.

“President Moon had requested Pyongyang-style cold noodles from Okryu Gwan be included on the menu and North Korea gladly accepted,” a spokesman for the Blue House told Reuters. Okryu Gwan is a well-known restaurant in the North and has branches in China.

No schedule has been released for Friday’s meeting, but the two leaders are expected to issue a joint statement signaling the North’s willingness to abandon its nuclear weapon program. Although experts have remained skeptical that the country will do so easily, Moon has touted his optimism in the lead up to the summit.

“We are at the crossroads where it will be decided whether denuclearization and permanent peace is possible by peaceful ― not by military ― means,” Moon said on Monday, per The New York Times.



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