Dinner With Sarah Palin On eBay, Proceeds Go To Charity

It's like Sarah Palin's eBay page read my mind! For the next week, you can bid on a private dinner for five with Sarah Palin. As of this writing, the bidding is over $38,000. Palin will donate the entire winning bid to Ride 2 Recovery, an organization that assists in the mental and physical rehabilitation of wounded veterans.

The Sarah Palin dinner is part of a wider Ride 2 Recovery charity auction (another item up for auction is lunch with Karl Rove, only up to about $12,000 right now).

Here's some fine print the winning bidder should be aware of:

A background check for all attendees is mandatory. Failure to pass the background check will result in the winner forfeiting the experience and a refund given. The dinner experience with Sarah Palin will take place at a site to be determined and at a mutually agreed upon time and date to be determined by Ms. Palin and the winning bidder. Ms Palin may bring up to three guests of her own. The dinner will be paid for by the seller. There are no age restrictions but anyone under 16-years-old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Winner may take personal photos and allowed to bring one item of reasonable size i.e. no larger than what can be carried by hand (t-shirts, books, magazines, etc.) The decision to sign the item will ultimately be up to Ms. Palin. Respect for Ms. Palin and her guest(s) is expected at all times. Inappropriate behavior will result in the conclusion of the experience with no refund.

Dinner shall last no more than four hours, but could be less, in the sole discretion of Sarah Palin. Governor Palin reserves the right to refuse dinner with a winning bidder if, in her sole discretion, the winning bidder is not a suitable bidder based on her subjective standards of suitability, professionalism, background and other factors. In the event the high bidder is rejected for this reason, the high bidder's bid will be refunded, if paid, and the next highest bidder shall be notified, and thereafter, until a suitable match is determined.