'I'd Rather Stick Pins In My Eyes': Twitter Gags At 'Dinner With Trump' Offer

"Didn't Comey already win this?"

Does the idea of dining with President Trump whet your appetite? Well then, the Republican National Committee has a contest for you.

An online fundraiser for the Trump Make America Great Again committee ― a joint fundraising group for Trump and the RNC ― is offering to fly one person out to attend a dinner with the president, prompting merciless trolling by Trump critics on Twitter. Money raised in return would go to the president’s re-election campaign or the RNC’s 2020 primary.

The contest, which does not require a donation to enter, would send one person to D.C. where in addition to dinner they’d receive a photo op with the president “so you can remember this moment forever,” according to the RNC’s offer.

Overwhelmingly, the offer prompted a number of references to physical gags and recoils, as well as bottomless James Comey jokes and speculation on the provided meal ― from well-done, ketchup-covered steaks, to ice cream (two scoops, if you’re the president), and soda.

Interested applicants have until June 25 to submit their names.

Bon appetit!

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